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lunedì 4 maggio 2015

14-yr-old Indian girl dies after being gang-raped, thrown from moving bus

Members of the 'Orbit Bus Molestation Action Committee' block a road in Moga on Monday

In what has been seen as one of the most violent and disgraceful act any human could mete out to another, a 14-year-old Indian girl who was thrown off a fast moving bus after being gang-raped alongside her mother, by the driver and half a dozen other men in a bus they had been on, has died from her injuries.

According to Emirates 247, India’s rape culture has hit a new low with this brutal incident in which the girl identified as Arshdeep Kaur and her mother Shinder, were sexually assaulted by more than a half dozen men and thrown off the bus.

The girl and her mother yelled for the bus driver to help them, but instead the driver took part in the brutal abuse of the mother and child.

According to reports, the mother, daughter and a young son boarded a nearly empty bus on their way to see relatives. Almost immediately, the men started attacking the mom and teen girl.

Despite their screams for the bus driver to stop the bus, he sped up and did nothing to stop the attack.

When the assault finally ended, the driver  finally slowed the bus down, but only so the men could push the women off the bus, badly injuring them further. The teenage girl died from her injuries later on in the hospital.

The grieving mother lamented:

"No one helped. They first pushed my daughter off the bus, then me."

Police have arrested the bus driver, conductor and cleaner of the bus while the murder and rape investigation is on-going.

14-yr-old Indian girl dies after being gang-raped, thrown from moving vehicle 04.05.2015

The post-mortem of Arshdeep Kaur, a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly molested and pushed off an Orbit Aviation Company bus by her molesters in Moga district five days ago, has suggested head injury as prima facie cause of death.
The post-mortem was conducted at Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital Faridkot yesterday evening. A panel of three doctors, including a gynaecologist, a surgeon and a forensic expert in the college, conducted the autopsy. The gynaecologist was the chairperson of the panel.

While the viscera of the deceased has been sent to Patiala for chemical examination, the preliminary examination of the deceased by the doctors during autopsy found that she had died of a traumatic head injury, probably after she was pushed off the moving bus. 

There were many tissue injuries, including contusions and abrasions, small gashes and minor burns after she fell off the bus. “The head injury she suffered proved to be fatal. It was a traumatic brain injury that happened when the brain was jarred or shaken hard enough to bounce against the skull,” the panel suggested.

All the four alleged accused, including the driver and conductor, were produced before the court today. Jatinder Singh Khaira, SSP, said the court had remanded the accused in four-day police custody. “The investigations are in progress and we will soon present a challan before the court,” he said. Amar Singh Chahal, DIG, Ferozepur range, said so far the police had got three eyewitnesses to the incident, including the victim’s mother Shinder Kaur, her son Akashdeep Singh and one Tarsem Singh, working in the Horticulture Department as an inspector. 

Tightlipped on details of the ongoing investigations, both the police officers claimed it was a “very strong case”.

The police had arrested Sukhwinder Singh (conductor), Ranjit Singh (driver), Gurdip Singh and Amarjit Singh (both helpers) within 24 hours of the incident, which occurred on April 29. 

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