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giovedì 2 aprile 2015

THE RAPE SONG U.S. Air Force’s Songbook

On Tuesday, Stars and Stripes reported on a new lawsuit against the Department of Defense involving a very NSFW (and very “unofficial”) songbook of the United States Air Force. The rowdy, graphic songs feature loads of sexual violence and depravity.

Part of the songbook was made public during a lawsuit filing by sexual-assault victims. The suit asks that the Defense Department stop using convening authorities (commanders at certain levels of power) to decide whether or not cases go to court martial.

“This is something that is used by Air Force officers today,” retired Air Force Colonel Don Christensen, who is president of the advocacy organization Protect Our Defenders, told Stars and Stripes. “These are the commanders who sing songs about raping women as fun.” Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Brooke Brzozowske says that the service is looking into the matter.

These revelations stem from the efforts of Jennifer Smith, a former Air Force technical sergeant who in 2012 accused the Air Force of ignoring what she believed to be an epidemic of sexual assault against women in their ranks.

The songs and drinking toasts detailed in the filings include ones with titles like “Will You Suck Me Tomorrow” and “The S&M Man,” the latter of which is set to the tune of “The Candy Man” from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

“What I’d like to see is [Air Force Chief of Staff General Mark Welsh] stand up and try to sing one of these in front of the Senate and see how it goes,” Christensen told The Daily Beast. “There are women in these squadrons, there are men in these squadrons, who object to this stuff, they’re ostracized because they don’t go along with them.”

Out of the dozens of songs listed, Christensen is most unsettled by the Willy Wonka parody. “That’s the one about sticking ice picks in women’s ears and raping them from behind,” he said.

Some of the lyrics (which come with the warning, “THIS SONG IS ONLY FOR A VERY FEW SICK PEOPLE!!!!”) are as follows: 

Who take two ice picks Stick ‘em in her ears 

Ride her like a Harley 

Till the cum comes out her ears
The S&M man, The S&M man 
The S&M man cause he mixes it with pain 
And makes the world feel good! 
Who can take a cheese grater 
Strap it to his arm 

Ram it up her cunt 

And get Vagina parmesan
And here’s a verse from the fighter-pilot song “Bye Bye Cherry,” set to the tune of popular standard “Bye Bye Blackbird”: 
Back your ass against the wall, here I come balls and all, bye, bye cherry. 
I know I ain’t got a lot, but what I got will fill your twat, bye bye cherry.

I took her to my cottage in the wild woods, And there I took advantage of her childhood. Oh my God, it was nice, cherry bye bye.
These, and more, are included in the original collections of documents from 2012, which you can read below. 
The papers, collected from the 55th, 77th, and 79th Fighter Squadrons, also show jailbait posters, as well as instructions for getting around “the cock blocker” female friend in a social setting.
“It’s kind of crazy to compare this to the [University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon] situation,” Brian Purchia, Protect Our Defenders spokesman, said. “The university expelled the students and closed the frat within hours of the video being made public. What has the [Air Force] done to address this situation?”

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