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lunedì 13 aprile 2015

Rape and murder of 3-year-old sparks violent protest

In a brutal murder, a three-year-and-nine-month-old girl was raped, murdered and her body dumped in the forest area near Colony No. 4 late last night. The victim went missing from her residence in the colony at 9 pm and her limp, nude body was found by colony residents at 6 am deep in the forest. The murder and rape incident sparked off a massive protest by the residents.

The girl was last seen playing with a man following which she suddenly disappeared. After searching for the girl for an hour, the residents informed the police at 10.15 pm.

The body of the girl was found in the wee hours dumped near the nullah in the forest. The body was tangled in the bushes in reverse condition. There were grievous injuries on her private parts, with blood spattered on her genitals, suggesting that she had died of the injuries suffered in a sexual assault, the police said. Blood was also oozing out of her mouth. A bottle of whiskey was also found lying near the body suggesting that the tormentor was drunk.

The recovery of the victim’s body sparked off violent protests in the area with the residents demanding immediate suspension of the SHO and blaming the police for taking them lightly in the beginning and wasting crucial time.

“We first called the police at 10.15 pm, more than an hour after trying in vain to search for her. After calling the control room at least six times, two policemen came in a PCR at 10.45 pm. The police wasted a lot of time, they made us sit near the school and kept doing paper work and recording the complaint before they went with us to search for the body after wasting over 90 minutes,” said Ram Sajivan, the victim’s father, who is employed in house keeping at Elante Mall.

The aggrieved father added that the police was reluctant to go with them in the jungle and replied that they did not know the way inside. 

“The police also stopped the search operation midway and when we went to the police at 2.30 am pleading to accompany us in our search in the jungle, a policeman replied that it was their ‘sleeping’ time”, he alleged. It was the colony residents who traced the body and then informed the police. 

The victim had just started going to Anganwadi and was full of life and very cheerful. She was the youngest of my three daughters”, added the father. 

Police have registered a case of rape and murder against the unidentified accused. The police denied the allegations and stated that they were with the family members throughout in the search operation.

As the body was shifted to a hospital for its post-mortem examination, the colony residents swarmed the road and blocked the traffic opposite Bhushan factory near Elante Mall. The residents then picked up stones lying on the road and pelted them at the escort vehicle of the UT SSP, Sukhchain Singh Gill. Two other vehicles, including a police van and a private car, were damaged. 

The police canecharged the protesters and used heavy rounds of tear gas shells to disperse the crowd. Over 400 police personnel were pressed into service and the road was closed for four hours leading to inconvenience to commuters stuck in the jam. Later, two separate cases of rioting were registered and seven persons were arrested in this regard.

As many as 25 police personnel were injured, including ASP Parminder Singh, who received an injury on the neck, and head constable Yashpal, who was hit on the ear and received a grievous injury.

The identity of the accused, who had abducted the girl and abandoned her after committing rape and murder, is a matter of confusion. While some claimed that the girl was picked by an aged person wearing a turban, who was roaming in the colony for the past several days, some claimed they saw a youth wearing a red T-shirt taking the girl out of the locality. When the girl went missing, there was a power cut at Colony No. 4 between 8.30 pm and 9 pm.

The UT police were caught napping when at around 12.45 pm, the residents gathered at the light point near Colony No. 4 and started pelting stones at the vehicles with no police personnel around. The residents then damaged the windowpanes of two vehicles and there were only two traffic constables present at that time. The police force reached the road after half an hour when the residents attacked the police vehicles with stones.

3-yr-old raped, murdered; violent protests follow Apr 11 2015 

Rape, murder of 3-year-old sparks protest Apr 12 2015

Tension gripped Madhotanda area of Pilibhit district after a 10-year-old girl was raped by a 42-year-old man of another community on Saturday evening.
Protesting against the incident, local residents pelted stones on some shops that were owned by members of the minority community and also set ablaze three makeshift shops. The situation was brought under control by a police team.
According to Additional Superintendent of Police Pilibhit, Sudhir Kumar Singh, the accused — identified as Tabajul — had been arrested Sunday.
He added that police had also registered a case against people who indulged in violence on Saturday night but no one had been arrested in this connection yet. However, heavy police force, including senior police officials, have been deployed in the area — which is a Hindu-dominated one — to maintain peace.
Police said Tabajul, a daily wager, is a married man with children and stayed not very far from the victim’s house.
Station officer, Madhotanda police station, Rajendra Singh said according to the complaint, the victim went to a nearby shop to buy biscuits Saturday. While returning she met the accused, who on the pretext of giving her toffee took her to an isolated place and raped her. 
After returning home she told her parents about what had happened. Later, the victim’s father along with a few villagers filed a case against the accused.

Tension in Pilibhit over ‘rape’ of minor April 13, 2015

Yet another shocking case in the city involving a minor, an eight-year-old girl was abducted and sexually assaulted by a man inside his car in East Delhi’s Shakarpur area on Sunday afternoon.
Police said the incident occurred around 3.30 pm when the child was returning home after attending a “bhandara” in Priyadarshini Vihar.
She was stopped and abducted by the accused in a Swift Dzire car. He took her to an isolated place nearby and sexually assaulted her. Police said a medical examination has confirmed the assault.
The accused was caught abusing the girl by her family members when they, together with some residents, went looking for her after they noticed she was missing, police said.
According to police, the girl is a Class III student at a government school. She stays with her parents in Shakarpur.
”The 26-year-old accused lured the girl on the pretext of giving her chocolates,” a local police officer said.
He said the accused abducted her in his car and accelerated away from the spot. The incident quickly came to light when a street vendor raised an alarm after he saw it.
“The girl’s parents then reached the spot and started a search. They found the vehicle in a park in the Laxmi Nagar area and nabbed the accused,” the police officer said.
Police said the residents then made a PCR call. When news of the crime spreading in the area, infuriated residents thrashed the accused until police arrived to take him away. “The girl was later taken to a nearby hospital for a medical examination, which confirmed rape. She is recuperating but doctors have said she is mentally distressed. She is receiving counselling,” the police officer said.
The accused was arrested and his car impounded. 

Girl, 8, abducted and raped in a car April 13, 2015

JALPAIGURI, WEST BENGAL:  A 16-year old girl in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri district has filed a complaint with the police alleging that she was repeatedly raped by her father, uncle and brother for more than two years.
In her statement to the police, she also said that she had become pregnant twice and attempted suicide four times. The girl alleges, she got no help from her mother, who instead told her "they are your father, uncle and brother only, not some strangers."
On Thursday, the girl summoned courage to tell one of her school teachers her horror story. On returning home after school, the same day, her 20-year-old brother gagged her, tied her hands and legs and reportedly raped her again.

On Friday, her teachers and the school principal took her to the Dhupguri police station, where an FIR was registered.
The police immediately arrested the uncle, while her father and brother were arrested later that night. Hunt is now for the girl's missing mother. Meanwhile, the police have sent the girl to the Child Welfare Committee in Jalpaiguri district.
Dhupguri, a small town in north Bengal nearly 600 km away from Kolkata, is shocked by the incident.
"I am a father," said one male teacher, "and I don't know what to say. We are shocked."
Sushanto Sarkar, another teacher, said, "This is unforgiveable. We want justice for the girl."
In interviews with the local media, she says, "everyone in the village, where her home is, knew about the situation but did nothing to help."

In West Bengal, Teenager Allegedly Raped by Father, Brother and Uncle for Over 2 Years April 11, 2015

A nine-year-old girl who was kept as a sex slave by Isis is pregnant after being raped by 10 militants, aid workers have said.

The girl was among 227 Yazidis released last week from Kirkuk, northern Iraq. She had been held captive along with other women and young girls from the religious minority. They were captured last June and finally crossed into Kurdistan on Wednesday.
The mass release of the Yazidis, kidnapped in Nineveh last year, is the second of its kind, after some 200 mainly elderly people were set free in January. 
The Yazidis, who are neither Muslims nor Arabs, practice a unique faith and are considered infidels by the jihadists. They were hit harder than others. The UN has said the IS campaign of killings, abductions and rape against Yazidis may amount to genocide.

Yazidi girl, 9, pregnant after being raped by 10 Isis militants 12 Apr 2015 

Minor girl gang-raped and murdered in Alwar 11 APRILE 2015

Boy, 7, raped and set on fire INDIA RAPE UPDATE 6 APRILE 2015

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