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sabato 11 aprile 2015

Minor girl gang-raped and murdered in Alwar

A minor girl, who was missing from her house for the past three days, was gang raped and then murdered in Alwar. 

Her body was found in a well in Kishangarh Bas area on Thursday. The police have rounded up two youths and the interrogation is on. The villagers alleged that the police had been informed of the gang rape on Wednesday, but they didn't even register a complaint.

The girl's cousin spotted 4-5 men raping her on Monday night. When the cousin protested, the men thrashed him and forced the girl into a car. They then sped away. The villagers chased the car and even held one of the accused, later identified as Mahendra, but they alleged that the police didn't take any action in this regard.

Some villagers reported a foul smell coming out of a well near Ghasoli village and informed the police. The body was recovered from the well on Thursday.

The villagers have told the police that Mahendra, Giriraj and two more youths were involved in the rape and murder.  

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