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mercoledì 15 aprile 2015


A gang of seven men travelled the UK raping pre-school children and babies as fellow sex monsters watched live on camera, a jury heard.

A member of a paedophile ring tried to recruit people from around the world to join him as he drugged and raped babiesa court heard.

A gang of seven men travelled the UK raping pre-school children and babies as fellow sex monsters watched live on camera, a jury heard.
They had access to one baby who was raped and sexually abused by three of them over nine months while others watched via live internet feeds, the jury was told.
The "closed network" who communicated on the "dark web" also sexually abused a four-year-old boy.
The harrowing details of the group's alleged crimes were revealed as two stand trial accused of conspiracy to rape or sexually abuse a baby under one.
Bristol Crown Court today heard how Matthew Stansfield, 34, chatted online about an abuse session planned with the baby in Luton in August last year.
Messages were read out between him and others who appeared - from their usernames or conversations - to live as far afield as Canada, America and Australia.
Speaking to a man online just days before the alleged planned meeting, he said: "How young have you had? Kind of have reg [crrct] access.
"Could try and get you in?
"He cries a lot mate. We give him poppers."
He also said to another unknown person: "Would you be up for real fun? Got access to v v young."
When the user asked "does he like it?" Stansfield replied: "Not really."
Other conversations from a month earlier show he boasted he had "shared it" with four "buddies", referring to the baby.
Stansfield, from Hampshire, who denies conspiracy to rape, didn't end up going to the alleged session with the baby meeting because his "car broke down", according to messages read out in court.
He is on trial with John Denham, 49, and the court heard they were part of a gang of men - many of whom have already admitted sexually abusing children.
The jury heard earlier in the case that recovered Skype conversations between the men - from Wiltshire, Hampshire, Bedfordshire, Humberside, Manchester and Somerset - revealed discussing drugging one boy to make him "easier" to abuse.
The group – who used online user names like Perve111 and BabyF***** – tried to recruit more watchers and one boasted he would soon have access to a newborn child.
Many of the details of their conversations are too graphic to report, but messages show one gang member described seven-month-old babies as "sexy".
Prosecuting, Robert Davies, opened the case by telling the jury: "This prosecution will take you into a world you wish you did not exist.
"The evidence exposes the shocking interest a group of men had in sexually abusing children and babies, particularly pre-school children and babies."
The court heard that none of the parents of the children involved had any idea their sons were being abused by the men. The group would connect to the "dark web" - a secret untraceable internet - and use Skype and other video conferencing software to "meet up" online, the court heard.
The jury also heard that Robin Hollyson, 30, has already admitted abusing a baby who lived in Luton, Beds in December 2013 or January 2014.
He filmed the horrific encounter and distributed it on the internet for other "like minded men to enjoy".
Denham, from Wiltshire, is accused of conspiracy to rape the same boy after he planned to travel to sexually abuse the baby.
The infant was saved when Hollyson was unexpectedly kept in hospital on January 17 last year.
Hollyson and Christopher Knight, 35, have already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rape, the jury was told.
Stansfield is also accused of conspiracy to rape a child in February 2014 when he apparently travelled to Bedfordshire to abuse a baby.
Knight and Hollyson have already admitted going there to assault the baby but Stansfield he denied in interview ever visiting Bedfordshire, the court heard.
Mr Davies said phone records showed the trio were in the area during the day in question.
The court heard the same baby was again raped in May 2014, when Hollyson, Knight and Adam Toms, 33, abused him.
The trio have already pleaded guilty to the offence. On another occasion in July 2013 members of the group abused a four or five-year-old boy, the jury were told.
David Harsley, 51, abused the child while Matthew Lisk, 35, and Denham, watched from a hotel room. Lisk and Denham "engaged in sexual acts with each other" and there was "talk of the boy being drugged", Mr Davies said.
He said the trio had admitted their part in the incident and added: "It is a real baby, a real situation, a real participation."
The group were arrested between September 11 and 25 after police used IP addresses to track Hollyson, the court heard.
Denham denies conspiracy to rape a child under 13 and an alternative charge of conspiracy to sexually assault a child under 13.
Stansfield denies two counts of conspiracy to rape a child under 13, and one alternative charge of conspiracy to sexually assault a child under 13.
The jury were told that Hollyson has pleaded guilty to abuse in December 2013 and January 2014, which took place in the baby's living room.
He also pleaded guilty to distributing the footage.
Hollyson and Knight have pleaded guilty to conspiracy to rape the baby in January 2014 which related to the meeting which fell through, which Denham denies.
The pair pleaded guilty to the same charge in February 2014 - the one which Stansfield denies.
Hollyson, Toms and Knight all pleaded guilty to sexual assault or rapes for the May 2014 incident involving the baby bottle. Hollyson has also pleaded guilty to videoing a sexual assault against the baby in July 2014, and conspiracy to rape in August 2014 - the second charge is the one Stansfield denies.
The trial continues
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