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martedì 14 aprile 2015

Indian campaigner inundated by gang rape videos / Girl burnt alive for resisting rape

Campaigners outside the New Delhi courthouse where the bus rapists were sentenced in 2013 Photo: AP Photo/Altaf Qadri

Women's rights campaigner in India appeals for government action after receiving 90 video clips of gang rapes after announcing campaign "Shame the Rapist" two months ago

A women's rights campaigner in India has appealed for government help after she was inundated with video clips of gang rapes carried out across the country.
Sunitha Krishnan has received 90 films of gang rapes circulated by the perpetrators on social networking and messaging sites like Facebook and Whatsapp since she announced her campaign "Shame the Rapist" two months ago.
The rape recordings emerged amid an ongoing debate about the scale of sexual violence against women in India and claims of widespread indifference. One of the men convicted of the 2012 gang rape and murder of a Delhi student on a city bus told a BBC documentary that women are to blame for rape and suggested that his view was commonplace.
There have been many reports in India of perpetrators filming their rapes as a threat to shame victims out of complaining to the police.
Ms Krishnan began her campaign after she received two video clips, including one of five young men taking turns to rape a woman and laughing as she screamed and pleaded with them to stop. The perpetrators made no attempt to hide their identities and she was shocked not only by the brutality of their assault but also by their apparent confidence that they would not be caught.
She edited the clips to hide the victim's face and circulated them online in the hope that the men would be recognised and arrested. Two of the men in one of the videos have since been arrested.
Within 48 hours of releasing the videos she received nine similar clips of other women being gang raped. She won a Supreme Court order for these nine crimes to be investigated by India's Central Bureau of Investigation but has since received 81 more clips. She took the evidence to the government but officials failed to respond, she said. Now she has appealed to the Supreme Court to create a new authority which could receive these videos and bring those responsible to justice.
Ms Krishnan said she has been shocked by the indifference of officials and the fact that the clips had circulated widely – some of them for nine years – without being reported to the authorities. 
"What is this voyeuristic society we're becoming? It's scary," she said.
"What I don't understand is why there has been no [official] reaction. I went to the Ministry of Home Affairs and handed the videos to the home secretary and for ten days there was no reaction ... It tells us we're not serious about the safety of women and children," she said.

Indian campaigner inundated by gang rape videos   
 13 Apr 2015

BHOPAL: A class 11 girl was burnt alive by a teenage boy and his kin, who live in her neighbourhood in Chhatarpur district on Saturday night after she resisted rape. Police have launched a probe. 

Incident took place at Basata village of the district on Saturday night. "The girl sustained severe burns and died," SP Chhatarpur Lalit Shakyavar told TOI. 

He added, "Accused boy and his friends have been rounded up and investigations are on. Action would be taken against the guilty." Girl's kin have alleged Manvendra Singh, along with three accomplices sneaked into their house with three friends when the girl was alone and tried to rape her. 

When she tried to resist, Manvendra set the girl on fire. The victim's parents alleged accused poured kerosene oil over her and put her on fire. Girl died on the spot, said sources. Manvendra's friends have been identified as Laxman Singh, Raj Bahadur and Pushpendra Singh. 

NEW DELHI: A 10-year-old girl was raped by her neighbour's friend in east Delhi's Gandhi Nagar on Sunday night. The child was kidnapped and held captive at the neighbour's house where she was raped by the accused. He then carried her back to her house and left her with her mother, claiming that she was injured while playing in a park. 

The incident was reported from Raghurpura area where the child stayed with her parents. Her mother said that the man, later identified as Ram Preet (40), had come to their neighbour's house to return some borrowed money. On his way back, he found the child playing in the park and lured her to the neighbour's house promising to give her sweets. He then gagged her and raped her repeatedly. When the child started bleeding from her private parts and fainted, scared that she might die, Preet took her back home and fled from the spot. 

When the child regained consciousness, she told her parents about the incident. She was rushed to a local doctor who confirmed rape. 

Locals went on a rampage when they got to know about the rape and caught Ram Preet from a nearby shop while he was planning to get away. He was beaten up and handed over to police. 

During interrogation, Preet admitted to having committed the crime and claimed that he was drunk during the incident, police said. The child was later admitted to AIIMS trauma center and has been kept under observation. She was also counselled by an NGO. 

In her statement, the child said that Preet had threatened her with dire consequences if she told her parents about the incident. 

AJMER: Close on the heels of a cabbie being arrested for molesting a tourist from Britain in Jaipur, some auto drivers were accused of gangraping a 35-year-old Mumbai-based woman here early on Sunday. Three auto drivers took the woman to an isolated place and took turns to rape her for hours. 

The woman alleged that the driver also robbed her of her mobile phone, cash and other valuables. 

The woman said she had left her hotel room to get fruits from the market when one of the accused picked her up on the pretext of dropping her at her hotel. However, the police suspect that the woman was returning from a liquor bar when the three accused took advantage of her inebriated condition. 

Even a day after the incident, the police have not been able to identify the drivers. The police have rounded up some auto drivers and interrogation is on. 

The woman had an argument with her husband and left Mumbai in a huff. She came to Ajmer and was staying at a hotel in dargah area. The woman has told the police that early on Sunday, she left her room to get fruits from the market and reached railway station where she suddenly fell sick. She asked an auto driver to drop her at her hotel. "He along with two more auto-rickshaw drivers took me to a lonely place and they raped me whole night," said the woman in her complaint. 

Meanwhile, police found that the woman went to a beer bar late night and had two beers and got drunk and slept on footpath in front of railway station. When she gained consciousness, she asked an auto driver to drop her at her hotel. 

"We have detained some auto drivers and are interrogating them," said a police officer. Deputy SP, north, Rajesh Meena on Monday went to the spot where woman identified from where she hired the auto and also the place where she was left by the auto. 

"We got some clues and also took statement of people who could have been present when the woman was picked up by the auto. We hope to identify the accused soon," added officials. 

The rape survivor also reported that her mobile, cash and jewellery was also looted by the accused before they dropped her in the dargah region. The station road from where the survivor alleged that she hired the auto is the crowded place even during night as not only passengers from train move on the road but also devotees reach the station and wait outside for the dawn. 

The rape survivor was in a trauma on Monday and said that she wanted action against accused.

Nagpur: Two minors, both aged 17, have filed rape complaints at separate police stations in the city on Sunday. One of the minors was missing for the past eight months while the other filed the complaint after learning about her pregnancy. 

The Class X student, who was missing, walked into Sakkardara police station alleging rape by her lover on Saturday. Accused has been identified as Junaid Rajwani, a resident of Tajbagh. Police said Rajwani is a daily wager. Police have booked him on rape and abduction charges. 

As per the police complaint, Rajwani would follow her regularly on her way to school. She told police that he stopped her on the road and proposed marriage in August. A few days after, Rajwani abducted her home promising to marry her. He took her to different areas in the city. The girl said they stayed for a month at every place. While being together, Rajwani forced her to have physical relationship. On Saturday, Rajwani sent the girl back and fled. The girl narrated the incident to her parents who brought her to the police station to file a police complaint. Police said Rajwani residence is locked and he is absconding. 

In the other case, Gittikhadan police station received a call from Mayo hospital about a minor aborting her five-month pregnancy. The girl, a Class XI student, alleged that Bunty, a resident of Surendragarh in Gupta Nagar, would follow her to school. In December, he stopped and forced her to accept his marriage proposal. She told cops that Bunty had even threatened to kill himself. On accepting the proposal, Bunty would take her to different places on his bike in the city and forced her for physical relationship at knife point. 

Police said the minor took some abortion pills which induced pain. Her parents rushed her to Mayo hospital and a case was registered. Police said that they are waiting for the minor's conditon to stabilize to take detailed statement. 

MOHALI: As many as 28 cases of minors being raped were reported in the last two years in Mohali and in most of the cases the accused turned out either to be the neighbour or someone known to the victim, according to the official data.

Where in 2013, eight incidents of minor girls being raped were reported, the following year witnessed an alarming rise as a total of 14 incidents were registered in 2014. Making things worse, as many as 6 cases of rape with minors have been registered in 2015 till April - five months - under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

According to the police record, out of these 28 cases, in 24 occasions the accused turned out to be someone known to victims.

Another shocking thing is the care of the victims after the incident. According to the POCSO Act, victim or rape survivor must get immediate medical attention and the family must be compensated for the medical expenses incurred. However, it is followed only on paper.

Talking to the parents of a 3-year-old rape victim, TOI found out that no compensation was made to them. "Our daughter was raped by our neighbour. We are illiterate and when we took our daughter to the hospital we were not paid for any medical expense. We pay for the test and medicines for our daughter till now and have no idea whether the expenses will be refunded," said a parent.

Policemen, too, seem to be ignorant about this compensation rule. A Mohali cop while talking to TOI said: "I really don't know about the guidelines under the Act. In every rape case regular procedure is followed from decades, nothing has changed."

On February 23, an eight-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered by her neighbour in Kharar. The accused was later arrested.

IG Paramjeet Singh Gill said: "It is a social evil which should be terminated from the society. Having said that, it is a thing which cannot be stopped by the cops or schools alone. Mentality should be changed to stop this crime, in every rape case a known person either relative or friend or neighbour is involved."

The Dharavi police have launched a manhunt for three men who are wanted for the kidnap of a 16-year-old girl from Nagpada on Sunday night. The girl said that two of the men had raped her, and the third is her boyfriend. The Dharavi police patrol vehicle spotted the girl roaming on the streets of Dharavi, after which the entire incident came to light.
According to the Dharavi police, the girl lives with her mother on a footpath near Sagar hotel at Nagpada. The girl told the police that on Sunday evening, she had gone to meet her boyfriend, whom she identified as Imtiaz, at Mastan Talav in Nagpada.
Inspector SM Jadhav from Dharavi police said that Imtiaz, whom the girl knew for a year, took her for a joyride and dropped her at an unknown place, telling her to wait for him there. Imtiaz never returned.
PI Jadhav added: "While the girl was waiting, two of the accused, whom she did not know, approached and told her that her boyfriend wouldn't come back. They asked her to accompany them, saying that they would drop her back to Nagpada."
After hailing a taxi to Dharavi, the duo walked the girl to Nisarg garden there. The police informed that the garden's wall was partly broken, so the duo took the girl inside and raped her.
"After raping her, the accused left the girl in the garden and fled. Somehow, she managed to get to the main road, where a police patrol vehicle spotted her in bruised condition. The cops on duty brought her to the police station, after which she revealed her ordeal," said PI Jadhav.
The Dharavi police registered a case of kidnapping and gang rape, and send the girl for a medical examination. "We are currently trying to locate her mother. The girl is in a state of shock, and we will get a sketch prepared once she is stable," added the inspector.

Cops launch manhunt for duo who raped minor in Dharavi 14 April 2015

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