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venerdì 24 aprile 2015

15-year-old girl raped murdered and hanged

The body of a 15-year-old girl was found hanging in a cow-shed in a village in Varanasi district on Wednesday. Following complaints from her family members, a case of kidnapping, rape, murder and destruction of evidence has been registered against two minor boys of the same village.
The complaint alleges that the girl was kidnapped from her home on Tuesday night by the two boys and raped in the house of one of the accused, following which she was killed and her body hanged with a piece of cloth in a cow-shed some distance away to make it look like a case of suicide.
The incident was reported to the police on Wednesday morning when some people spotted the girl’s body.
Both the accused and their families are absconding. Three police teams have been formed to trace them.
Significantly, the police, on Thursday, said the post-mortem report did not confirm rape and the cause of death was due to hanging.
“Therefore, the allegation that the girl was murdered and then her body was hanged is so far not established. We are probing the case from all possible angles. Efforts are on to trace the two minor accused,” said Superintendent of Police (Rural), A K Pandey. Officials added that there were no injury marks on or around the victim’s private parts.
The police was told by the girl’s aunt that on Tuesday night, she woke up to some movement and saw two youngsters taking away her niece. Carrying a stick, the aunt reportedly followed them to a nearby house where she saw her niece lying unconscious and the boys in a compromising position. She told the police she went back to her house to alert her husband and by the time they came back, the accused had escaped and the girl was nowhere to be found. An FIR was subsequently registered against two minor boys, both neighbours.
Investigation revealed that the girl was the youngest of her parents’ five children whose father worked as a mason. Even the families of the accused were involved in taking up odd jobs. On the fateful night, the girl’s parents and her siblings had gone to Jaunpur to attend some function, leaving behind the 15-year-old with her aunt and uncle.
“We are trying to trace the accused which alone would lead more light on the case,” said Pandey.

15-year-old found hanging, kin allege rape-murder APR 24, 2015

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