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domenica 8 marzo 2015

Lynch mob kills suspected rapist in India

In an unusual public raid in India, thousands stormed a jail and dragged out a rape suspect before beating him to death on the streets, authorities said Friday.

The 35-year-old suspect, who was described as an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, died from severe injuries before officers could rescue him, said L.L. Doungal, a police official in the remote Nagaland state, where the attack occurred Thursday evening.
“There were thousands of them. Many of them were students in uniform,” Doungal said, referring to the mobs involved in the incident.
The suspect was accused of raping a local woman last month.
Since the attack, tensions have grown between the native Nagas and Bangladeshi migrants in the district, police said.
Thousands of protesters demanding cancellation of trade permits for Bengali-speaking settlers tore into the prison complex Thursday and pulled out the suspect, Doungal said.
Police initially used teargas and bamboo canes to rescue the man, but it didn’t work, he said.
“There were students in uniform. So, we had to use minimum force,” Doungal added. Later, police opened fire, but it was too late to save the suspect.

Protesters had planned a public hanging, but the suspect died from injuries in the attack, according to authorities.
“We retrieved his body before it could be hung,” Doungal said.
Dimapur town has been placed under a curfew. “The situation is still volatile,” he said.
India made international headlines this month when it banned a documentary showing an interview with a convicted rapist, who blamed his victim and said she “should just be silent and allow the rape.”
Outrage has grown following the incident, which gives a window into the violence against women in the nation.
The woman in the documentary incident was attacked by five men on a public bus in 2012. She later died from her injuries, sparking an outcry worldwide.
New Delhi police said the interview was banned because of its potential to breed disorder.
AHMEDABAD: A six-year-old girl was sexually attacked with the perpetrator inserting an iron rod into her private parts on Friday afternoon. 
Police investigators added that they are yet to ascertain the reason for the horrific act and have put the accused's claim, that this was due to an old feud, under the scanner. Police said that no penile penetration was alleged.
According to Sola police, Ratan Rajput (name changed), 35, a native of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh, is a labourer at a construction site near Sola flyover. According to his complaint, his six-year-old daughter came home at 4 pm on Friday crying with her frock soiled.
"She said that a security guard of the adjoining construction site had taken her to a basement at the site, molested her, beat her with a TMT iron bar and inserted it into her private parts. Rajput and other labourers rushed to the site and confronted the man, who fled," said a Sola police official.
Police later found out the accused in the same area. He was identified as Chauhan, a native of Uttar Pradesh. Police also recovered the blood stained four-foot rod.

NEW DELHI: In what is being seen as a disturbing trend, Delhi Police has registered 300 FIRs of rape in the first two months of this year. This indicates that on an average, five rape cases are lodged every day in the city. Last year, the number of FIRs filed stood at 2,069.
If molestation cases are added, this year's figure will be double. In the first two months of 2015, the number of FIRs registered under sections of 354 and 509 (molestation and outraging modesty of women) of IPC is over 500, police officers say.
Despite measures like making quick arrests and lodging FIR verbatim on the basis of a woman's complaint, the situation on the ground has not changed much, activists say.
Recently, Delhi Police launched Himmat, an app which allows women to send distress signals to the police control room with a touch on the screen of their smartphones. A WhatsApp group has also been launched through which women can send the picture of the taxi/autorickshaw they are hiring to the police. Besides these, police have also started self-defence programmes for women in almost all districts of the city.
Police say more than 90% of the rapes are committed by neighbours, friends, acquaintances or relatives. Several cases of rape have been found to have been registered due to personal enmity, sources say. But in all cases, the cops claim to have taken swift and exemplary actions with time-bound solving the case and filing of the chargesheet.
Women rights activists say there is no deterrence and the growing number of cases of rape reported are due to the fact that the women are now more aware of the law. They also cite instances where they had to interfere to get cases registered.
"There is definitely an increase in the number of complaints registered by women, but I feel they are due to the increased level of awareness and not due to the free registration of cases. No doubt, the police played a role in it but still there are cases in the recent past where we had to approach senior police officials to have cases of sexual assault against minors registered," says Kavita Krishnan, secretary, All India Progressive Women's Association.

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