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mercoledì 18 marzo 2015


A 10-year-old boy was raped before being strangled to death; outrage over the rape of the nun; A manhunt is on for a 47-year-old teacher accused of raping his 13-year-old pupil 

GUJRANWALAThe body of a 10-year-old boy who was abducted yesterday was recovered here on Wednesday. The minor was raped before being strangled to death.
According to the victim's family, the 10-year-old stepped out of his house to buy some things when men kidnapped him from within the remit of the Baghbanpura police station in Habibullah town area.
After searching for him in vain, the victim's family informed police who were unable to trace his recovery.
His body was then found in the fields early today morning.
Police arrived at the scene and shifted the body to a hospital for a postmortem. Further investigation into the incident is underway.
Rape is notoriously difficult to prosecute in Pakistan. In April 2011, the Supreme Court had upheld the acquittal of five men sentenced to death in Pakistan's most famous rape case, that of Mukhtar Mai.
Mai was gang raped in 2002 on the orders of a village council as punishment, after her brother, who was aged just 12 at the time, was accused of having illicit relations with a woman from a rival clan.
A local court had sentenced six men to death, but a higher court acquitted five of them in March 2005, and commuted the sentence for the main accused, Abdul Khaliq, to life imprisonment.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday he was "deeply concerned" about the rape of an elderly nun and the demolition of a church as protests for the better protection of women and religious minorities erupted across the country.
Modi has asked for an immediate report on the violence on the weekend, according to a statement. There were angry scenes in parliament as legislators demanded to know why the man accused of rape had not been arrested. Over the last few months, Modi has been criticized for being slow to condemn a series of attacks on Christian institutions, fuelling concern his Hindu nationalist government is failing to rein in Hindu zealots.
Outrage over the rape of the nun has reignited an angry debate about the safety of women.
"We all feel ashamed, never before could this have been imagined, we have never heard of such things," said Mohammed Salim, a member of the lower house of parliament. "And despite that, after 70 hours no arrests have been made". During a debate, members of parliament shouted: "We demand justice." 

Hundreds of protesters clashed with police in West Bengal state on Monday evening with the disturbance blocking the convoy of the state leader Mamata Banerjee for almost an hour.
Banerjee, a self-styled champion of the poor, was prevented from traveling along a motorway after she visited the nun in hospital. The crowd surrounded her car with protesters demanding to know why the man suspected of raping the nun had not been caught. Law and order in India is primarily the responsibility of state governments.
Police detained nine men after the attack on the 75-year-old nun in a convent school but no arrests have been made. A group of men broke into the school and stole some items. One of them then raped the nun.
Even after national soul searching caused by the gang rape and murder of a student in Delhi two years ago and tougher penalties for men who attack women, India is struggling to tame chauvinistic attitudes that leave women vulnerable to rape.
In the past, Banerjee and members of her Trinamool Congress party have attracted criticism for comments on rape deemed insensitive. Two years ago, Banerjee accused a rape victim of making up the incident and one of her ministers questioned why she was out late drinking at a night club.
(Reporting By Andrew MacAskill and Rupak De Chowdhuri; Editing by Malini Menon, Robert Birsel)
A manhunt is on for a 47-year-old teacher accused of raping his 13-year-old pupil at a government secondary school at Gangithala village, Jahajpur India.
Ram Gopal Meena sexually assaulted his victim on Saturday, Police say.
Angry villagers led by the victim's parents on Monday filed a suit against the accused teacher.
They said Meena raped the teenager in school and warned her not to tell anyone or face dire consequences.
The Station Officer, Sanwar Mal Nagora however said the rapist has absconded.
“The accused teacher, identified as 40-year-old Ram Gopal Meena, is absconding," Nagora said.
"The victim is a student of a government secondary school at Gangithala village.”
The villagers blocked roads for hours and staged a protest at the school on Monday, chanting slogans against the alleged molester, Meena.
Jahazpur is a city and a municipality in Bhilwara district in the Indian state of Rajasthan.
India has one of the world’s highest incidences of rape.

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