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giovedì 5 marzo 2015

Girls raped, branded at initiation school / Teen Gang-Raped Commits Suicide

A couple who ran an initiation school in Mpumalanga are accused of raping and branding the girls who went there; A teenager in Haryana, who was gang-raped last month, has committed suicide, the police say. The girl hanged herself from a fan at her home in Gohana in Sonepat district

Johan Jabulani Mlombo (48) and Sister Mapalase Khoza (41), from Masoyi, are accused of the rape of 21 girls between the ages of nine and 17.
The couple is facing 49 charges in total: 27 rape charges, three sexual assault charges and 19 charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Both pleaded not guilty to the charges.
A 17-year-old girl testified in the case, detailing the rapes and abuse.
"Accused one [Mlombo], the following day after the night he raped me, called us one by one after we returned from bathing at a river," she said according to Sapa.
"He said I was nice and he would call me again."
That night, Khoza called her from where the girls slept.
"I was the sixth victim to be called that night. She told me I had to see the big initiation and after we entered the main house, accused two [Khoza] asked me to enter inside a dark room," the girl said.
"When I refused, she pushed me inside, closed the door, locking me inside with a male person. She did not enter but remained outside."
The girl was told by the man to never tell anyone of what was about to happen.
She said he then climbed on top of her and raped her.
The girl, who had been in the initiation school since June 2012, was allegedly forced to stay, despite her parents trying to remove her from the school.
"My parents wanted to remove me from this initiation school but accused two [Khoza] refused. We were forced to fetch firewood guarded by two people."
The girl said she was also beaten with a "flexible" stick repeatedly.
Khoza also used a hot iron to brand the girls' faces with round marks.
"I never agreed with her to make the mark. It took two weeks to heal and left a scar that will remain for the rest of my life," the girl said.
Khoza's lawyer however said that his client will argue that she never assaulted the victim and only performed initiation rituals.
NEW DELHI:  A teenager in Haryana, who was gang-raped last month, has committed suicide, the police say. The girl hanged herself from a fan at her home in Gohana in Sonepat district late last night. Her family found her early this morning.

The young girl was deeply upset after the police converted the gang-rape case into rape and arrested only one of the four men she had named, her family alleges.

Her relatives say the police forged her statement, and three accused were roaming free.

"A few days after the incident, she told us that she was pressured by the police to register a case against only one person," the girl's uncle told NDTV.

The girl, who was a minor, was raped on February 6. She had told the police that she was kidnapped, taken to a secluded farm on outskirts of the village where four men raped her. The police found her lying unconscious in the farm after her family registered a missing complaint.

Pankaj Chandgothiya, a Chandigarh-based human rights lawyer, accused the police of failing to protect the girl. "After the Nirbhaya case the government has been asking the police to be more proactive and protective. But clearly nothing has changed," Mr Chandgothiya told NDTV.

Teen Gang-Raped in Haryana Allegedly Commits Suicide March 05, 2015

Woman strangled and violently raped in Manchester 4 March 2015


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