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martedì 31 marzo 2015

Five-year-old raped in Gurgaon

A five-year-old girl was lured to an isolated place in DLF Phase-I here on Sunday and raped. 

The girl had gone to an adjoining house of her uncle to attend a function when the accused lured her.

“A function was organised in my house to perform Kuan Poojan for my newly-born son. The victim, holding a plate of chowmein, was walking towards her home around 8-30 p.m. when the accused waylaid and took her to a vacant plot in DLF Phase-I,” said the victim’s uncle.

The incident came to light when a couple strolling near the spot heard the girl screaming and confronted the accused. The accused tried to mislead the couple saying he was her father, but the couple noticed the girl bleeding and informed the police.

The girl's family made a call to the Police Control Room around 10-30 p.m. when they could not find her. “The police told us that a girl from our village was found in DLF Phase-I. They told us that she was raped and taken to Civil Hospital,” said the girl's uncle.

According to the girl's family, the doctors at the Civil Hospital referred her to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi citing shortage of staff. “Before taking her to Safdarjung, we took her to some private hospitals in Gurgaon, but all of them refused to admit her,” said the victim's uncle.

Later, the agitated villagers along with the family members demonstrated outside the DLF Phase-I police station for several hours demanding that the accused be handed over to them. The police had to call in reinforcement to bring the situation under control.

The girl, who is under treatment at Safdarjung Hospital, was operated upon. “She is too frightened to speak to anybody. She is constantly crying. She may be discharged in 10 days,” said the girl's grandfather.

The accused, a painter, belongs to Bihar. He was produced before a court and remanded in 14 days judicial custody.

The girl's father is an auto-rickshaw driver and lives in Chakkarpur village. The accused also belongs to the same village.

A non-government organisation has come forward to help the family and offered to provide free legal and medical aid to the victim.

Five-year-old raped in Gurgaon March 31, 2015

Johannesburg - A man alleged to have raped a 5-year-old girl in the Johannesburg CBD has been arrested, police said on Tuesday.
The mother took her child to a doctor on Sunday after she complained of something coming out of her private parts.
"The doctor confirmed that the child had been sexually assaulted," said Mbele.
The child told her mother what had happened and police were called in, leading to the man's arrest.
He was expected to appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court soon.

Man arrested after girl, 5, raped 2015-03-31

SHAH ALAM: For two years, a seven-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by her stepbrother while she stayed with her father and his new wife at their home in Klang.
A High Court here awarded her RM200,000 in damages in a negligence suit brought by her mother against the couple.
Her 34-year-old mother said she was very happy over the award, saying that her daughter had been traumatised by the rape.
“She cried when I told her the news. It has been difficult for her,” the self-employed woman told reporters here yesterday.
In his ruling on Friday, Justice Hashim Hamzah ordered the girl’s father and her stepmother to pay them RM150,000 in general damages and another RM50,000 in exemplary damages.
He also ordered the couple to pay RM20,000 in costs.
According to the statement of claim, the girl, who will turn 12 next month, said she had been staying with her father in Klang after her parents’ divorce in 2007.
She said she was repeatedly raped by her stepbrother when they were staying together at the house from 2010 to May 2012. She only complained to her mother in June 2013.
Her mother subsequently lodged a police report against the stepbrother who was arrested in July 2013 and produced in the Klang’s Court for Children.
The youth, who turned 18 this year, was released on a three-year good behaviour bond after admitting to the rape in 2014.
In their civil claim filed on March 10, 2014, the girl said she had suffered and was under stress, adding that her future was ruined and that she had to start anew elsewhere to avoid insults from her neighbours and friends.
Naming her 59-year-old father, a businessman, and his 52-year-old wife as defendants, they claimed that the couple had failed to take care of her safety and welfare, and be responsible guardians.

BAREILLY: A 13-year-old girl was raped in Harharpur village when she was returning home after handing over lunch to her mother. 

The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday afternoon and the girl was found bleeding in the evening. Her family members lodged a complaint with cops and the accused was nabbed the same night. 

As per reports, the girl was returning home from field after handing over food to her mother when a man waylaid her and sexually assaulted her, before fleeing from the spot, leaving the girl bleeding badly in the field. Meanwhile, villagers, on hearing her cries, rushed to the spot and brought her home. Her parents then approached police. 

The girl told police that Rehan, a resident of adjoining Ratna Chunni Lal village, had threatened to kill her if she raised an alarm. 

A 12-year-old girl who lived with her grandparents on Belvedere Avenue Southeast from age 6 to 11 - told a jury today - her grandfather raped her multiple times per week for more than three years.

Rick A. Benchea, 62, is on trial in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court on 12 counts of rape that could each result in a life prison sentence if he’s convicted.

The girl said the rapes began when she was about 8 and generally occurred in Benchea’s bedroom when his wife was working or in another room. 

The conduct started with groping when the girl was 7, she said, and progressed.

He always said, “Do me a favor” and “Promise not to tell,” the girl testified. She never told anyone until her mother questioned her about it, she said.

The girl and her brother almost never saw their mother during the years they lived with their grandparents, she said.

“This case is about trust — trust that this man violated when he continually molested his granddaughter,” Gabe Wildman, assistant county prosecutor, said during opening statements.

“This man’s a rapist and child molester. Period,” Wildman told the jury of seven women and five men in the courtroom of Judge Andrew Logan.

Girl, 12, testifies of being raped by grandfather March 30, 2015 

Andrew Hutchinson, a 29-year-old nurse from Oxford, was arrested after being spotted secretly filming women and young girls at the White Horse Leisure Centre in Oxfordshire. As a result of his arrest, police searched his home, where they found footage of Andrew raping two women, aged 18 and 35, in the A&E department of John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where he worked. 

Also discovered on his computer were over 1,500 images of child pornography, as well as other footage he had filmed. It was discovered that he had stolen a nasopharyngoscope, a camera doctors use for internal examinations, and had used this to film his attacks. 

The truly shocking details emerged in court, where the judge heard that the police had identified 10 victims of ages ranging from 35 to 10 years old. All of the man's victims were unaware of being raped, as they were either unconscious or anaesthetised. They have since been informed of the horrific attacks by specially trained police officers, who say that the victims have responded with a huge amount of courage. 

It was also discovered that Hutchinson had abused two further victims, while working as a medical volunteer at the Wilderness Festival. Despite this, he'd had no previous convictions of any kind, and was thought of as a trustworthy, reliable nurse. He'd worked at John Radcliffe Hospital since 2006, abusing his senior position to be alone with patients. 

Nurse pleads guilty to 27 counts of rape and voyeurism after filming himself raping unconscious women in A&E 30 MARCH, 2015 

A 22-year-old French student was reportedly raped on a packed train, but not one fellow passenger did anything to help her.

In the report initially published on Le Parisienit's described how the young woman was approached by an unfamiliar man while she was smoking on the station platform. But despite her ignoring him, he followed her onto the train and took a seat beside her.

It was during the train journey that he began to touch her; what looks like whispering in her ear on the train's CCTV was, in actual fact, the man kissing her neck and cheeks. But when the student pushed the man off, he used his superior strength to force himself upon her, putting his hands inside her underwear and then raping her.

As if this experience wasn't traumatic enough, the rest of the commuters in the carriage failed to do anything to stop the man.

The victim got off at the next available stop, but her attacker scarily followed her and attempted to assault her a second time, before she finally managed to fend him off.

Upsettingly, when the student returned home to her parents with bruises all over her face, she was too shaken up to tell the truth, a feeling which was possibly only enhanced by the fact that no-one had taken action to help her. Days later, however, upon confiding in friends, she was encouraged to go to the police and a 38-year-old man has now been arrested.

It's completely unnerving, never mind disheartening, that an entire carriage full of people proved too scared to speak up about the unacceptable incident occurring before them. And reactions (or lack of) like that will only contribute towards futher victim fear, and the feeling that they have done something wrong to initiate such an attack.

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