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lunedì 16 marzo 2015

Another rapist killed by a lynch-mob in India

Video footage has emerged of the brutal prolonged attack on the 18-year-old, which was watched by a jeering 1,000-strong crowd.
It took place in the same Indian state an alleged rapist was kidnapped from jail and murdered earlier this month. Neither men, who were publicly killed in Nagaland in eastern India, had been convicted of any crimes.
Ibo Cha was dragged into the centre Meluri village, stripped, strung up with rope and beaten for an hour before dying of his injuries.
Men took turns attacking him and a 'ring-leader' appears to stop them form killing him too quickly.
Inspector General of Nagaland, Wabang Jamir said Mr Cha had not been arrested and the villagers took the law into their own hands before the police became involved.
He said: 'The police was not informed about the rape and murder of the young girl. We only learnt about the case after the beating of this man incident.
The body of the 11-year-old was found in a forest about a kilometre away from Meluri village in September and soon tension mounted in the area.
Eventually, crowds gathered to find the murderer and rapist. But when Ibo Cha – who was also the victim's neighbour – fled, he became their prime suspect.
Groups formed determined to find him and locals located him outside Meluri, before attacking him in the village centre.
He eventually died from his injuries and his body was abandoned before the police stepped in.
The footage was shot in September, but has only come to light following the kidnapping and murder of alleged rapist Syed Sarif Khan in Dimapur. 
A mob tore open the gates of Central Jail in Dimapur and dragged Mr Khan naked through the streets before beating him to death.
He was accused but not convicted of raping a 19-year-old female student multiple times. This week Nagaland Government said he was innocent.
It submitted a report stating the man was falsely accused of rape and it was in fact 'consensual sex', but the investigation is still ongoing following the arrest of 42 locals involved in the beating.
A 25-year-old, believed to be part of the mob, was injured and later died in hospital and four others were hurt when police opened fire.

Earlier this month, police in India were also investigating another attack in the northern city of Varanasi.
A man was killed in a mob attack in Varanasi after a group of girls alleged they were molested while celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi on Friday, police said.

Terrifying new footage reveals ANOTHER 1,000-strong Indian lynch-mob string up and slowly kill a man they accused of raping and murdering an 11-year-old girl By TANIYA DUTTA F13 March 2015

Pakistan hanged two men convicted of rape and murder Friday, officials said, the latest executions since the government lifted a moratorium on the death penalty for all capital crimes earlier this week. A total of 27 people have been executed in Pakistan since the government restarted executions in December, prompting condemnation from international human rights organisations. Sajid Ali and Muhammad Akhtar were hanged in a prison in the eastern city of Faisalabad, prison chief Farooq Nazir told AFP.
Akhtar was convicted for the 1999 rape of a woman and murder of man, while Ali was sentenced to death for killing a woman in 2000. Both were convicted under anti-terrorism legislation, which is frequently used in cases unrelated to terrorism to circumvent the cripplingly slow criminal courts. (AFP)

Pakistan Hangs Two For Rape 16/03/2015

A 31-year old man caught a lift with the three women from Germiston to Tembisa. The trio were driving a BMW and drove around with the man until they reached a garage in Oakmoor, Tembisa.
According to The Tembisan, the women demanded payment and when the man told them he had none, they pointed a gun at him and blindfolded him.
He was then gang-raped by the three women. He was kept as a sex slave until Wednesday morning when he was given a cold drink. After drinking the beverage, the victim claimed to feel sleepy," Tembisa police spokesperson  Capt Manyadza Ralidzhivha said.
The man was later found sleeping under a bridge in Olifantsfontein by people.
“He immediately came to the police station and open a case of rape. We are appealing to members of the community with information about the women to come forward or to SMS information to 32211," said Capt Ralidzhivha.

Gauteng man gang raped by three women, used as sex slave 13 March, 2015

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