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giovedì 26 marzo 2015

53 Colombian girls raped and filmed by American troops

Fifty-four under age Colombian girls were sexually assaulted by American troops and contractors stationed in the war ravaged nation, but the men will never face justice, according to a new report.
The 800-page investigation commissioned by both the Colombian government and its Marxist adversaries reveals the U.S. officials were immune to prosecution during their stay in the country between 2003 and 2007.
The report, according to Colombia Reports, alleges the assaults occurred mostly in the town of Melgar, where American military contractors stationed nearby raped at least 53 underage girls and 'filmed [the abuse] and sold the films as pornographic material.'
'There exists abundant information about the sexual violence, in absolute impunity thanks to the bilateral agreements and the diplomatic immunity of United States officials,' scholar Renan Vega said.
Vega's work on the report involved documenting the alleged sexual assaults as perpetrated by Americans in Colombia for 'Plan Colombia', a mission to back the Colombian government over Marxist regimes.
The pair drugged and raped a 12-year-old girl in 2007 inside a military base but prosecutors were not allowed to arrest them because of immunity agreements made between the U.S. and Colombia.
According to Colombia Reports, the pair has never been indicted while the girl was forced to flee her town under pressure from pro-U.S. parties.
Meanwhile, Coen and Ruiz were both flown out of Colombia, notes RT, 'as terms of the US-Colombian Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) gave US personnel immunity from local laws 
According to El Tiempo: 'In 2006 there were 23 reported cases of sexual abuse committed by active American soldiers and another 14 in 2007.' 
Five decades of armed conflict have claimed 220,000 lives and displaced millions in Colombia.

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