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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

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lunedì 9 febbraio 2015

Police Cover-Up of Organised Child Sexual Abuse

"My dad lies to my mum. He doesn't only see us on Saturdays. He sees us every single day in school where they do sex to us." - That is what a 9 year old girl told her Russian mother about her paedophile British father after revealing a very disturbing secret of both the girl and her brother being sexually abused from their early age.
The mother was already deeply concerned by increasing children’s aggression towards each other, their growing unhappiness and suppressed anger. What she could not imagine was the underlying issue, which her children could not speak about: because they were threatened to be killed if they talked.
The mother reported the crime, and Barnet Police who interviewed them ordered medical examinations that confirmed sexual abuse and violence. The Police, however, closed the case as “no crime confirmed” without even considering the results of the medical forensics and investigating the case properly.
A week after the crime had been reported, the children were taken into police custody and 6 days later for some unknown reasons retracted their allegations. They were held isolated “in care” by the Local Borough of Camden and since then Barnet.
Four months later the Local Authority still has not managed to provide evidence for the grounds on which they retain the children. There is obvious fabrication of facts against the mother and her then partner, gagging and bullying her, as well as generally unfair treatment in the courts.   
The two judges so far have covered similar cases: Judge Vera Mayer who was involved in the case of Melissa Laird transferred the case to Mrs Justice Anne Pauffley in the High Court who was involved with the Hollie Greig case
Private meetings between the Local Authority’s barrister and the Judge are going on behind the mother’s back, which violates the ‘Code Of Practice’ and, of course, indicates a certain common agenda between the Judge and the Local Authority.
Incredibly, the alleged abuser-father has more contact with the children than the mother, while the Russian grandparents and the older half-brother have hardly any.  
Even more incredibly, the Metropolitan Police covers up Barnet Police and it is clear that all legal proceedings are doomed to fail. 
A 12-day fact finding hearing is scheduled to start on 16 February at the Royal Courts of Justice in London - in the secrecy of family courts - without the general public or any media.
Here are other posts about this mother and grandparents fighting for their children:
Only international exposure can help return these children from a truly unbelievable evil system of corruption and cover-up!
Hence we urge you to sign this petition so that the decision makers can hear your opinion. Please get the children out of 'care' and back to their mother!
PS: Other relevant videos by Russia Today and Voice of Russia UK:
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A four-part series on child kidnapping by the state with John Hemming MP is on the Alex Jones show: 

Return 'Whistleblower Kids' and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Russian Family! Sabine McNeill

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