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giovedì 5 febbraio 2015

"Pater Pedo" sentenced to 19 years for pedophilia and bestiality

The pedophile priest, 67, was sentenced Wednesday before the Nunavut Court of Justice to 19 years in prison for pedophilia and bestiality. The victims include 12 boys and 10 girls. The canine victim was sexually abused in front of two children.

Dejaeger, while acting as a missionary, coerced the children into sexual acts and then raped or molested them by threatening them with eternal damnation and separation from their families if they told anyone of his atrocities against them.
Dejaeger worked alongside Igloolik Catholic priests from 1978 until 1982. He eventually acquired his Canadian citizenship.
According to Nunatsiaq Online, the Belgian press called him “Pater Pedo.” In a separate case, Dejaeger also faces additional charges in Edmonton that pertain to his time spent at Newman Theological College. Malcolm Kempt, the former priest’s defense lawyer, said that that additional case is likely to be wrapped up early next year.
The defrocked priest was also convicted over two decades ago for sexually assaulting eight Baker Lake children in Nunavut, but he was only sentenced to five years in prison for those offenses. 
Once he was released, more allegations from other victims arose. He rushed to Belgium to hide from facing the additional charges of raping children, but he was arrested in his home country in 2011 on immigration charges and returned to Canada. The defrocked priest remained in custody from that time until the present for his crimes of raping and abusing children and bestiality.
Dejaeger was convicted September 12, 2014 of 31 counts of sexual offenses against children and one count of bestiality for raping a sled dog in the arctic.
Most of the crimes were committed in the hamlet of Igloolik (which at the time was part of the Northwest Territories), where he was one of the local priests from 1978 to 1982. He was found not guilty of 48 other counts.
Given the time that he has already spent behind bars before the sentencing, he only has about 11 years left to spend in prison.
Dejaeger was arrested January 20, 2011 while returning to Canada after 15 years in Belgium. He has been in custody since.
In 1990, the native of Belgium pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault against children. He was sentenced to five years in prison, but was released after 18 months in detention. Once released and to complaints about twenty new victims, he fled to Belgium.

Eric Dejaeger: Former Catholic Priest, Eric Dejaeger, Sentenced to 11 Years In Prison for Pedophilia and Bestiality February 4, 2015

"Your selfishness has devastated a generation of young Roman Catholic parishioners in Igloolik," Justice Robert Kilpatrick wrote in his sentencing decision.

"Many lives have been irrevocably altered by your dark legacy. For many victims, the commission of your offence has marked the end of living and the beginning of their survival. You must now atone for the many wrongs that you have inflicted on others. This sentence is only the beginning of that atonement."

Eric Dejaeger, Former Priest, Sentenced To 19 Years For Child Sex Abuse 02/04/2015 

The victims, who were children at the time of the abuse, are now in their 40s, 50s and 60s. They and their families filled the Nunavut Court of Justice's largest courtroom this morning.
The sentencing hearing gives them an opportunity to voice what emotional, physical and financial impact the crimes have had on their lives.
Many victims cited ongoing anger issues and depression. One said she did not finish school and attempted suicide because of the sexual abuse she suffered as a girl. Another said he wants the Vatican held responsible. One asked that Dejaeger be put away for a long time, saying he never received or wanted financial compensation, just for it all to be over.
Some cried as they spoke of recurring nightmares and memories they can't shake. Several say they turned to alcohol and drugs to cope with the pain.
Others said because they trusted the man they knew as Father Eric, it has affected their relationship with God and people in authority.
A few of the victims said they struggle with intimacy and trust.

Eric Dejaeger sentencing: 9 victims make impact statements Jan 19, 2015

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