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lunedì 9 febbraio 2015

Neighbour rapes 12-year-old

NAGPURAshwin Chavan alias Bunty (20) was arrested on Saturday for raping a 12-year-old girl from his locality by Gittikhadan police. He was booked following a complaint lodged by the girl's mother.

It is learnt that Nisha (name changed) was enjoying a cycle ride in her locality when Chavan summoned her to come to his residence. Chavan had earlier befriended Nisha luring her with biscuits. Chavan forced himself upon Nisha after disrobing her, said police.

The matter came to fore after Nisha revealed the incident to her mother who, in turn, informed Nisha's father. The family later came to Chavan's residence to confront him, but he said he did not rape her. The cops later rounded up Chavan and sent Nisha for medical examination after the matter reported before them.

In another incident, Sitabuldi police on Saturday registered an offence of outraging the modesty of an 11-year-old girl against Sandeep Dhurve. Police stated that Dhurve was pulling out the cover which the victim had wrapped herself in the bed before slipping into slumber. She was startled seeing Dhurve near her. The girl's family later approached police.

In another incident, also on Saturday, Kalamna police registered a case of outraging modesty of a girl against Devrao Gajam by making undue advances towards 15-year-old girl. Gajam had sneaked into her residence on the pretext seeking a glass of water.

Neighbour rapes 12-year-old Feb 9, 2015

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