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martedì 17 febbraio 2015

Indian 'Charlie's Angels' to fight sexual predators

An all-women squad of Delhi police is being specially trained in martial arts to make the Indian capital safer for its women. The group of 40 women, dubbed "Charlie's Angels" by their trainers, will be deployed in coming months at bus and metro stations, outside colleges and other areas where women are thought vulnerable.

After months of intense training sessions, the women constables are ready to be deployed in the field.

They knee and kick their imaginary attackers with aggression.

"We won't tolerate any bad behaviour," AFP quotes their leader Bharti Wadhwa as saying. "It can start from a simple cat call which then leads to stalking and then rape. We will nip such antics in the bud."

Delhi has been dubbed the "rape capital" of India after a series of brutal rape cases in the city in the past few years. Sexual crimes have especially been in the spotlight since a student died after being gang-raped and assaulted on a bus in the city in December 2012.

As crimes against women continue to grow, Delhi police have introduced several measures to make the city safer for women, including holding self-defence classes for students and female residents.

Women's rights activists have welcomed the deployment of 'Charlie's Angels', but say that a unit with just 40 constables may not be enough in a city of more than 16 million people.

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