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lunedì 2 febbraio 2015

Gang Rape on WhatsApp

SAMBHAL: A 19-year-old student was gang-raped by four youths, who uploaded the pictures of the rape on social networking sites and WhatsApp. Police have arrested three of the accused.

They confirmed that the photographs which were taken during the rape were also seized from the accused. 

According to police officers, the girl was allegedly abducted from Bhavanipur bridge when she was returning home to her village from Chandusi on January 19 and then gang-raped. 

Police said the youth were well aware about her routine and waylaid her when she was going home. They abducted her and covered her face with a piece of cloth. She was taken inside a sugarcane field at Aijra village, where the youths took turns to rape her while clicking her photographs with their mobile phone. They threatened to upload her pictures on social media if she dared to tell her parents or anyone else. 

Both rape survivor and the youths belong to the same village and knew each other. The matter reportedly came to light when her pictures went viral on social media. Her parents went to the youths' homes to complain but they were threatened instead for daring to take up the matter. The youths belong to influential families of the village. 

However, some village residents informed police Cops about the incident. On Saturday evening, police registered an FIR against Mayank, Raja, Akhilesh and their yet-to-be-named accomplice on the complaint by the survivor's father. 

Speaking with TOI, SHO, Hazart Nagar Gadi, said, "The three named youths have been arrested on Sunday afternoon. They will be sent for the medical examination and produced before a magistrate. The fourth youth will also be arrested soon," he added. 

In another incident, the body of unidentified girl was found in Buddhi Vihar locality under Majhola police station by policemen According to police, acid had been poured on the girl's face to prevent identification. Officers told TOI that the body has been sent for autopsy at the district Moradabad hospital. 

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