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sabato 31 gennaio 2015

Woman gang-raped twice in three weeks in Rajasthan

A 22-year old married woman was gang-raped by five men in Rajasthan twice within three weeks, the second time to apparently teach her a lesson for reporting the crime to police, officials said on Thursday.
The police said the woman had lodged a complaint and had refused to withdraw it despite threats from the alleged rapists.

While the first gangrape took place at a village under Abu road police station in Sirohi district on January 5, the second attack took place in Bhilwara district’s Gurla village under Bhimganj police station on January 25, police said.

In the FIR, the woman alleged that the rapists, who enjoyed political support, had been threatening her and her family to withdraw her first complaint against them.

The woman alleged that the five men  — Dalpat Singh, Ganpat Singh, Sampat Singh, Chain Singh and Madan Singh — forced her into a van and took her to a deserted spot on the Bhilwara-Udaipur road and raped her a second time after she refused to withdraw the original complaint.

While three of the accused — Dalpat, Ganpat and Sampat — took turns to rape her, the other two sat in the van with her child.
Police have registered a case of kidnapping and rape against the five accused.

Woman gang-raped twice in three weeks in Rajasthan Jan 30, 2015

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