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martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Woman gang-raped, stabbed in Warangal

In one more grisly incident putting the society to shame, a 42-year-old woman was kidnapped from Nellore and taken to Warangal where she was repeatedly gang-raped by four men. The incident came to light on Monday.
  • She was abducted in Nellore on Jan 7
  • She was given sedatives and sexually assaulted 
  • Stabbed and thrown out of vehicle in Warangal district
According to police, a group of four miscreants, posing as policemen, forcibly abducted her from her house in Nellore on January 7. She was given a soft drink spiked with sedatives and whisked her away by a car to Warangal

They allegedly took turns to rape her for four days in the moving car in the Warangal city. She is a rural medical practitioner. The miscreants, according to the statement recorded by the police, stabbed her in the stomach, when she regained conscious and tried to escape from the clutches of alleged rapists. They tossed her out of the car at Panthini village under Wardhannapet mandal in Warangal district and fled.

Local people, who saw the woman battling for life, rushed her to MGM Hospital in Warangal. Wardhannapet police registered a case based on the complaint by the woman. Circle Inspector Moses said the Nirbhaya Act was also invoked against the culprits who included an Assistant Engineer and lineman Kameshwar working in APTransco. A man-hunt has been launched.

RMP gang-raped, stabbed in Warangal January 13,2015 

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