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sabato 31 gennaio 2015

Woman gang-raped in moving bus

JAIPUR: A 36-year-old widow approached Pilani police in Jhunjunu alleging that she was gang-raped in a moving private passenger bus by its helper and conductor when she was the only passenger early on Thursday. 

The woman said that while the duo was raping her, the driver not only continued to drive, but also kept laughing. The men dumped her at an isolated place after the rape. The police have taken into custody all the three men and said that an investigation is on. 

According to the police, the victim belongs to Luharu area in Haryana. "Her husband had died nearly five years ago. She had boarded a bus to her village from Jaipur where she had come for some work at around 2 am on Thursday," said a police. officer. 

The officer Police said that she reached Jhunjhunu where all the passengers in the bus got off. "She was the only passenger on her way to Pilani. Apart from the driver, there were two more men- the conductor and the helper," said the officer. The officer added that she felt stomach ache and asked the helper, identified as Kalia, where she could sleep. "Kalia asked her to sleep in any of the sleeper cabins in the bus. Near Pilani, she says that Kalia and the conductor took turns in raping her. She screamed, but the driver didn't stop the bus. Instead, he kept laughing," said the officer. 

The police said that the duo forced the victim out of the bus at an isolated place near Pilani. "She boarded a bus to Luharu where she lodged a complaint. The Luharu police informed Pilani police. A team was rushed there and the woman was brought to Pilani where we are recording her statement," said the officer. 

He added that said all the three men have been taken into custody. "Kalia is the main culprit. However, we are not disclosing the names of other two men because we are yet to ascertain which one of them was involved in raping the woman. An identification parade will be conducted in a jail in the presence of a magistrate. A medical examination of the woman has been conducted," said the officer. 

Pradesh Congress Committee chief Sachin Pilot condemned the incident and said, "It reminds us of the horrific Nirbhaya gang rape case. The case shows how the law and order situation is deteriorating."

Woman gang-raped in moving bus Jan 30, 2015

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