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martedì 20 gennaio 2015

Two minors, 10 and 8, raped at Kelvad

Two minors, aged around 10 and 8, were sexually abused at Khangaon in Kelvad, around 60km from the city, by a neighbour, who lured them with chocolates.

An offence of rape has been registered against Rameshwar Sonbawne, who is a father of two children, after his involvement came to fore. He is yet to be arrested by the cops.

Kelvad police had first registered the case as outraging of modesty. However, the cops slapped charges of rape after getting medical reports from the doctors of Mayo Hospital, where the survivors were examined to ascertain the gravity of the assault.

The incident had taken place on January 13 but the girls revealed the matter to their family members a few days later. An uncle, who is in the army, of one of the girls had tried to intervene in the matter but Sonbawne tried to attack him too. The enraged uncle then approached cops with the complaint.

Police said that Sonbawne used to stay back at home while his wife went to work. So, he used to be alone at home most of the time. The rape survivors, along with another friend, were heading to the open fields to relieve themselves. Sonbawne lured the girls to his home with chocolates, where he assaulted two of them.

The girls initially claimed before the police that Sonbawne had only seen them naked, but later medical reports said the culprit had also used his fingers.

Two minors, 10 and 8, raped at Kelvad 

Jan 20, 2015
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