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sabato 31 gennaio 2015

Nurse pleads guilty to baby assaults, child porn

Victims were 2-month-old foster baby and 11-month-old patient 

A pediatric nurse pleaded guilty Thursday to sexually exploiting two babies — a 2-month-old foster newborn he’d brought home and an 11-month-old patient at Kaiser Permanente — to create child pornography.

The investigation into Michael William Lutts, 51, has spread to at least two other suspects who have been accused of either directing the sexual acts, abusing one of the children or discussing plans to kidnap and rape another victim, prosecutors said.
In his plea agreement, Lutts pleaded guilty to using an iPhone to take a sexually explicit image of an infant girl he was treating on July 24 at Kaiser Permanente. He also admitted taking similar pictures of a foster boy he’d just gained custody of, as well as pleaded guilty to a third charge of distributing child pornography.
The investigation began in April when the FBI tracked down a person who was receiving images from Lutts’ email account, according to the complaint filed in San Diego federal court. FBI agents searched Lutts’ College Area home Aug. 26 and found numerous images and videos of Lutts sexually abusing the foster baby, beginning Aug. 4, the day he brought him home, authorities said.
The baby, who had been born premature, cried throughout many of the videos, according to court records.
Further searches of videos and images uncovered the picture of one of Lutts’ patients, authorities said.
In October, a Maryland man was arrested on suspicion of participating in the foster baby’s abuse from afar.
Hey I have a baby for us,” Lutts allegedly texted Stephen Schaffner, 34, on the evening the boy came home with him, according to court records.
Last week, another man, Bartolomeo Bavarella, 31, was arrested and has been accused of participating in the boy’s abuse. Semen belonging to Bavarella and another unidentified person was found on the newborn, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Alessandra Serano. Agents also found text messages between him and Lutts allegedly discussing plans to kidnap a girl and rape her, she said.
Agents are continuing to search for more potential victims, as well as continuing to trace Lutts’ child pornography network, which could result in additional arrests.
“This is a deeply disturbing case,” U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in a statement. “We will do everything in our power to protect our precious, defenseless children from sexual abuse and exploitation, especially at the hands of caregivers who are supposed to keep them safe.”
Lutts faces a minimum of 35 years in prison and a maximum of 80 when sentenced April 20. He must also register as a sex offender and has agreed to forfeit his house.

Nurse pleads guilty to baby assaults, porn 

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