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venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

No More Page 3: the triumph of Everyday Sexism and Pornification

The apparent cancellation of the Sun's Page 3 daily female fleshbot does not signal the end of endemic media sexism or the triumph of feminist values. Instead the decision signals the overall triumph of a wholly pornified, misogynist wider culture.

Per la Page 3 del Sun, la controversa pagina del tabloid dedicata alle donne in topless, sembrava essere arrivato il momento della pensione.

La cosa era stata annunciato come una vittoria del gruppo "No More Page 3" che da tempo si batte per l'eliminazione di quello che considerano un atto sessista. Ma non è durata molto.
Ieri, l'account twitter del giornale ha annunciato, presentandolo come una "correzione", che oggi la pagina avrebbe avuto lo stesso aspetto che ha da decenni. "Vorremmo chiarire che questa è Page 3 e questa è una foto di Nicole, 22 anni, di Bournemouth".
Una presa in giro dello stile con cui i quotidiani annunciano rettifiche ai loro articoli, che continua scusandosi con "i giornalisti della stampa e della televisione che hanno passato gli ultimi due giorni a parlare e scrivere di noi". In vista di un cambiamento che, per il momento non ci sarà.

Il Sun ci ricasca e torna a mettere una modella in topless a Pagina 3 22/01/2015

In what appears to be an attempt to regain control of the narrative surrounding the future of the newspaper’s Page 3, the paper again features a photograph of a topless model, which appears under a “Clarifications and Corrections” header and comes after a front-page panel announces: “We’ve had a mammary lapse.”

Page 3: The Sun brings back topless women  and 22 January 2015

Deborah Orr: It's not breasts that are the problem

Deborah Orr
Of course one ought to be grateful, like a good girl. But replacing topless women with women in bras only illustrates that the Sun doesn't understand what's wrong with its general approach to women and why so many people object to it. It's not breasts that are the problem with Page 3. It's the attitudes to women that are promoted by presenting young women as sex objects in a current affairs publication. Yes, I know – it's just a bit of fun. Women in the Sun are still just a bit of fun. Charming.

Stella Creasy: A small victory, but a seismic one, nonetheless

Stella Creasy
This has never about being "offended" by Page 3, but being affected by it. By highlighting how so many felt about women's bodies being objectified, this campaign has prompted national debate on the kind of message we send to 51% of the population about their role in our society. Telling someone to turn the page misses the point about the culture that this depiction of what is valued about women feeds. That even when we don't look we are impacted by its presence.
Those who think consigning Page 3 to the past where it belongs, or showing models in lingerie rather than nude, means the matter is resolved miss the scale of the challenge. As the Everyday Sexism project highlights, sexual harassment and discrimination against women of all ages and all backgrounds is such a part of life many have become almost resigned to it. But in its success NMP3 shows it is not for us to learn to accommodate these behaviours, but for society to change. And change it can.
Julie Bindel: The fight against female subjugation must continue
Julie Bindel
The fight against female subjugation needs to operate on every level.
But good for the No More Page 3 Campaign, which has highlighted the drip, drip effect of the Sun's style of anti-woman imagery. Now what about the Sunday Sport, Star and other publications that feature very similar pictures? Let's now have a go at those.

Clare Short: This is a victory for dignity

clare short MP
The question is highly symbolic and emotive.
In those years of argument, more and more women became confident in their right to object. And even Murdoch seems to have become ashamed. Pornography proliferates across our society and distorts young men's view of their sexuality, so this is only part of the battle. But it is an important public victory for dignity.

Laura Bates: A sign of shifting attitudes

Laura Bates
For NoMorePage3 campaigners, it was always about context – placed prominently in the newspaper, the images sent the message that the news about women was their breasts, and that they were passive decorations there to titillate man. The shift to images of women in underwear doesn't send a drastically different message, and it's disappointing the Sun couldn't have chosen to start celebrating women's many and diverse achievements, but it nonetheless represents the fall of an emblem that was representative of wider sexist norms

Bidisha: This is a triumph for a wider pornified culture

Bidisha 140
The apparent cancellation of the Sun's Page 3 daily female fleshbot does not signal the end of endemic media sexism or the triumph of feminist values. Instead the decision signals the overall triumph of a wholly pornified, misogynist wider culture. The ethos and presentation of Page 3 is in decline not because men respect women more and radical feminists like me have won but because there are now infinite images of women, sexualised, dehumanised and objectified, accessible for free, online.
The fundamental message, that women are people and not objects, has not quite sunk in. While the specific brand of the Page 3 woman – a young, usually unknown model, in a studio, plus tits – may have gone, in the last couple of days the same page space has been devoted to model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the actresses from Hollyoaks, all in their skimpies.
It's not as though the paper's suddenly running extracts from Intercourse or Pornography: Men Possessing Women by my hero Andrea Dworkin or a long, clothed interview with bell hooks or Roxane Gay. And while the Page 3 woman might be gone from the paper version (replaced by … other objectified women) she is still being served up for free like a piece of meat online to many more "readers".

Homa Khaleeli: Women aren't there just to provide a pretty picture

Homa Khaleeli
Have campaigning feminists really altered the Sun's trajectory? Only if it was all about the nipples. Now instead of a topless model, we have women in bikinis and lingerie, while the topless pictures have been banished … to the paper's website.
Murdoch's new vision for the page was clear in the tweet he sent out last year, that "beautiful young women" looking "more attractive in at least some fashionable clothes". The idea that women deserve to be in the paper for what they do, not just what they look like apparently never occurred to him.
Katharine Whitehorn: You can find everything on the internet
Katharine Whitehorn
I don't see that stopping Page 3 will make a huge difference these days because of everything you can find on the internet. Compared to most of the other ways women get exploited, someone getting paid for taking their bra off just doesn't seem that important now. If you want to worry about something get worried about trafficking or FGM or something similar.

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