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sabato 3 gennaio 2015

Murderer And Rapist Of 6 Years Old Boy Arrested

Police has arrested the accused involved in the murder of six years old child after raping him last night on Friday

LAHORE - Police arrested the accused of murder of six year old boy who raped him, later murdered him and hide his body in mosque on Friday.
Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif ordered police to entertain the accused strictly as per requirement of Law.
The body of child named Moin was found on the rooftop of a mosque who had earlier gone missing from the Green Town area. The boy’s family tried to look for him in the neighborhood but failed to find him after which the police filed a missing person’s case on Friday afternoon.
His body was found on the rooftop of a Masjid which was told by a local person of colony.
According to the police, Moin was reportedly killed after being raped and it is being suspected by the authorities that the culprit might be someone from the mosque’s administration.
However, the police authorities have sent the body for an autopsy while the boy’s clothes and further evidence have been sent for a forensic analysis.
Rape cases have been on a rise in the city recently. Out of more than 2000 rape cases reported in the province in the last year, almost 200 of the victims have been children.

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