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sabato 3 gennaio 2015

Minor raped in a Bhopal slum

A 10-year-old girl was allegedly raped in Meera Nagar slum near a bus stop on Thursday evening. The survivor is not in a condition to say anything about accused as she is in a state of shock and has to be taken to a hospital twice, police said. 

The survivor, a school dropout was at her home with six siblings and her parents had gone out for work. The minor, who had stepped out to buy something from a nearby shop, was allegedly dragged to another shanty and her modesty was outraged. Cops are not sure whether there were more than one accused. A case was registered at Habibganj police station of the city. 

By the time, the survivor could reach home, her mother had come. The minor told her mother about it after which the matter was reported to police. The survivor was bleeding and rushed to hospital where doctors confirmed the rape. 

Officials at Habibganj police station said a case was registered and they were waiting for her to tell which could help identify the accused. 

A police team went to the slums, but could not identify the shanty where the crime was committed.

Minor raped in a Bhopal slum Jan 2, 2015

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