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martedì 20 gennaio 2015

Exposure Effect: over 41% of men in church are addicted to porn

A new survey conducted by writer Marin Saunders reveals that a shocking 41 % of men in church are addicted to pornography. His survey uncovered that 30% of church leaders access porn on the internet regularly. He added that 75% of Christian men view pornography on a monthly or less regular basis and 10% of Christian men said that they’ve paid for sex.

Saunders report states how pornography is shaping our 'individual and collective cultural mindset.
Sexually explicit material is no longer seen as immoral or socially unacceptable, it is readily accessible and in the mainstream of our culture
Despite this churches are not doing enough to tackle to issue of porn addiction, the survey revealed that 90% of Christians believe that the church does not adequately support those struggling with the use of pornography.
The porn issue is not something that only men are struggling with, according to Saunders research 1/5 of Christian women in the UK are using porn on a regular or semi-regular basis
Movies such as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ have blurred the lines between pornographic and mainstream culture. 
People believe that this has brought on a new sense of sexual ‘liberation’ and are not afraid to be seen reading the erotic book publicly.  
The new porn culture is also affecting the way our brain thinks about sex.
According to Saunders, research reveals that our brains are rewired when we view pornography
We start to see sexual behaviour or fantasies that were previously abnormal as normal. 
Youth specialists have revealed that it’s affecting the way that our youth see relationships
Jason Roayce, director of Christian youth project Romance Academy states:
“Lads see what happens in porn and expect to be able to act out those things with girls.” “Girls often believe that this is also how they should behave, even though these behaviours are often deeply misogynistic and even dehumanising for them.”
Dr William Stuthers, a neuroscientist-slash-theologian specialising in the scientific impact of adult material on the human brain states that:
Repeated exposure to sexualised material, and not just graphic porn, will change our standards of what is acceptable sexually and morally
This is known as the “exposure effect” in psychology..... “the generation that has been raised on porn is becoming less able to enjoy sexual intimacy, connectedness and the empowerment that comes in healthy sexual relationships, especially in the context of marriage.”
Stuthers believes that our brains become dulled by pornography, it also erodes our relational abilities, 
in short pornography is actually causing us neurological damage
In addition to this, we have to take into account pornography's link with human trafficking and sexual violence.
Posted by Amanda Hopkins

Over 41% of men in church are addicted to porn

How Internet Pornography facilitates Pedophilia and Sexual Abuse

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