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giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

Eight-year-old girl raped by a 'witch doctor'

An eight-year-old girl was raped by a witch doctor (tantrik) at Amalibhata village in Korba district in Chhattisgarh, police said on Wednesday. 

Korba Additional SP Lal Ummed Singh said that the victim was not keeping well for some time despite medical treatment. Therefore, her mother asked Mangal Yadav, the tantrik, to visit.
"Yadav went to the victim's house on January 6 and said that the girl has been possessed by spirits and he needed to treat her in isolation. When the parents left the girl with him in another room in the house, he raped her," Singh said.
Next day Yadav returned to the house and again took the girl to the isolated room and raped her again. The girl told the parents about this when he went to the house for the third time. However, before her parents could nab him, he fled and is now absconding, police said.

Chattisgarh: 'Witch doctor' rapes eight-year-old girl 14 January 2015 

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