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"Little Barbies" Sex Trafficking of Young Girls in America

Children are being “ targeted and sold for sex  in America every day".  John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Expl...

venerdì 2 gennaio 2015

Day Cares, Preschools, Baby-Sitters & Pedosadism by Lori Handrahan

Child pornography is an organized crime driven by a demand for the sex abuse of children. Pedosadists require a fresh supply of children to abuse. Day cares and preschools are magnets for pedophiles.

This research is dedicated to the children brutally raped and tortured in the more than 894,640 videos/images confiscated in the following reported arrests. My daughter in Maine, Mila, may be among these nameless, faceless children.

In 1990 American University’s president, Richard Berendzen, was caught calling day cares seeking sex with children. “He asked me if we would include his child that he was looking for care for in sex.” Berendzen made these solicitations for children to sexually abuse from his American University campus office. He also claimed to house an “extensive” child porn collection.

Berendzen was caught when he called Susan Eva Allen, a mother operating a home-based day care. Allen was, herself, a survivor of child sex abuse. Her husband, David Allen, was a detective with Fairfax County Police Department.
Time Magazine 7 May 1990
A search warrant was obtained and Susan Allen recorded more than 30 hours of phone calls with Berendzen during which he “described going to sex slave auctions in Chicago and Detroit,” bragged about his abuse of children, his child porn collection, the four year old girl who was his “sex slave” and strapping his wife to a wheel in their basement. Berendzen asked Susan Allen if “she and her husband included their children in sex” and begged to have sex with Susan Allen’s children. He told her he masturbated while talking with her and offered to procure a child for her to use as a “sex slave.”
Berendzen’s calls to Susan Allen followed “a pattern” of similar calls. Investigators “had been trying to identify the caller on the tape for a year.” From January to April 1990, alone, he called 10–15 other local day cares. He also admitted to calling “as many as 15 women.” Media reports noted other witnesses, including a retired South Carolina police officer, but no one, except for Susan Allen, came forward. The Washington Post reported at the time “charges were not brought in a second case.” Apparently, not one of the 10–15 other day care providers pressed charges or, perhaps, charges were forcibly dropped.
In an apparent deal, Berendzen plead guilty to two misdemeanor obscene telephone calls. Fairfax County Judge J. Conrad Waters Jr. issued 30 day suspended jail sentences per charge. Berendzen was never charged for the possession of, in his own words, an “extensive” child porn collection, there was, apparently, no investigation by Child Protective Services to determine if Berendzen was abusing children. including his own.
Richard Berendzen remains active, professor emeritus, at American University to this day.
He never spent one day in jail nor was he ever properly investigated for child sex crimes. Conspiracy to commit child rape and possession of child pornography are not an “administrative” issues. These are criminal matters and must be prosecuted as such.
In what appears to be clear obstruction of justice, American University protected, and continues to protect, Berendzen and his career and financial security.
One has to wonder why.
Day Cares and Preschools are Magnets for Pedophiles
The Richard Berendzen story is not unusual. As I’ve documented, in other articles, more than a few white elite, male pedosadists seem to walk free despite their crimes against children.
Child pornography is an organized crime driven by a demand for the sex abuse of children. Pedosadists require a fresh supply of children to abuse. Day cares and preschools are magnets for pedophiles.
When men like Richard Berendzen demand child sex abuse for their own gratification, too often with impunity, there is a supply chain of abused children meeting that demand. Day cares and preschools appear to be one such supply-line for America’s child porn industry.
Richard Berendzen, it appears, was well aware of this source.
Search Method and Data Problems
As with my other articles, because both the US government and law enforcement is either not collecting and/or not releasing comprehensive information about child porn arrests and prosecutions, I have used simple Google and Twitter searches to locate public media reports of day care and/or preschool employees, or relatives of these employees, arrested for child porn.
When I could easily locate original court documents, I supplemented the media reports; however, often the court documents are sealed or otherwise not easily accessible. At times, I called local police departments or prosecutors requesting, but not always receiving, follow-up information.
The reports I share here are, by no means, a complete account of day care and preschool employees arrested for child porn. These are, simply, what appears to be a very small representative sample. A snap-shot in time. 
This provide a sense of the scale of child porn use, from the most elite to the unlicensed, at day cares and preschools across America.
Recent Arrests

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