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venerdì 16 gennaio 2015

British woman raped by her husband more than 300 times


A British woman has revealed that she was raped in her sleep more than 300 times by her own husband, who recorded the attacks. Sarah Tetley said that she only discovered the extent of what happened after her husband Charlie was arrested, the Mirror reported.
Police seized 316 videos on her husband's computer, to which the 26-year-old victim said that it wasn't until months after her husband's depraved attacks were uncovered that she was able to watch any of the videos to see what he did.

Tetley revealed that her suspicions were first raised in November 2013, when she woke up in the morning in that sort of drowsy just waking up stage and realised that he was molesting her in her sleep.

She added that at the time she thought she'll just pretend she is still asleep and see what's going on. He stopped pretty quickly and she left the bedroom and went downstairs and sat up watching some rubbish on telly.

After which Tetley confided in neighbours, who urged her to go to the police.

She said that a couple of the videos she watched, she did look like she was dead and a lot of the videos weren't just of him but of household objects and things he would decide to do with those, which was quite "disturbing."

Charlie Tetley pleaded guilty to 26 counts of rape and assault and was jailed for 12 years in August last year and Sarah said she wanted to speak out about the ordeal to help raise awareness of abuse.

Husband rapes woman in sleep over 300 times  January 16,2015

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