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sabato 24 gennaio 2015

9-year-old raped in Gurgaon

A nine-year-old class III student, a resident of Jharsa, was raped in the Wazirpur area on January 5. The girl confided in her mother who informed the police. The girl's medical examination confirmed rape.

The girl lives with her parents in Jharsa village and her father is an auto driver. During her winter break, she went to her grandmother’s house in Wazirpur village along with her mother on January 3.
The victim's mother said her daughter was playing near her house on January 5. A stranger came there and dragged her to a nearby empty shop where he raped her.

The rapist threatened to kill her if she related the incident to anybody. However, the girl today told her mother, who informed the police.

9-year-old raped in Gurgaon Jan 24 2015

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