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domenica 21 dicembre 2014

Why India continues to be a rape country

The brutal rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi in 2012 which brought angry students on the streets of Delhi and Government making some tough laws, there were hopes that now things in India will improve and women will be safer in the country. However nothing of the sorts have happened. Recently released statics bring out the fact that after 2012 the kidnapping of girls, abduction and rape including cases of sexual harassment have gone up from 2.28 lakhs to 3.09 lakhs.

Over 31000 rape cases are pending in the High Courts alone. Much talked about fast track courts in each district have not come up. The conviction rate in rape cases instead of going up have gone down from 27% to 22%. This is the sad commentary of our nation. The main reason is the lack of political will.

When there are politicians in this country who glorify the rape by saying that 'boys will be boys' or for that matter it is because the girls are not following dress code that is why it happens. With this type of mindset what do you expect?

In addition, the police is so corrupt that they do not even register the complaint of the ladies. The courts grant the culprits bail which results in accused intimidating witnesses, in addition they carry out more rapes. The recent case of Uber Taxi driver, who committed rape in Deli, is the case in point.

It is time people of this country especially youth must rise and force political leadership to set these things right. Rape should be a non-bailable offense. Fast track courts must come up in each district and all cases must be decided in six months time.

Severe action must be taken against police personnel who do not register the complaint of a lady or purposely make the case weak. The law must be changed for all cases of rape. It should be that an accused must be considered as rapist and to prove that he is innocent, should be the responsibility of the accused. Public must ostracize the accused from the society.
Truth of why India continues to be a rape country 
20 December, 2014

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