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mercoledì 3 dicembre 2014


Nalasopara police humiliate rape victim, Two minors raped in separate incidents in Maharashtra, 90-year-old woman raped in Madhya Pradesh, Custodian saint get life term till death for raping minor, Delhi: Woman accuses husband, friends of gang-raping her in car, Bengaluru rape cases: Giving women chance to fight, with YouTube’s help

Nalasopara police on Sunday humiliated a 17-year-old girl who wished to lodge a police complaint against a man who had repeatedly raped her, and took hours to register her complaint on Monday.
"Rescuing the girl (from the rapist) was the easy part; getting a case registered was a tiresome task. At first the police (on Sunday) discouraged the girl from filing a complaint, and questioned her as if she was a criminal. A male officer asked the girl whether she had sexual intercourse with any other man," said Gopalakrishnan Aiyer, a social activist from Anand Rehabilitation Centre, which rescued the minor girl.
The girl, accompanied by representatives of the NGO, finally managed to get a complaint registered on Monday, but not before police officers made her wait for hours to have her statement noted.
Nalasopara police said the 58-year-old accused has a criminal background. Three months ago, he befriended the 17-year-old girl and later mixed a drug in her cold drink and raped her. He continued to exploit her sexually several times till date, police said.
The girl managed to speak to a female social worker on Sunday, who contacted the NGO. "The man befriended the girl and later drugged and raped her. Later, he exploited her, threatening to kill her family members. In this way the girl was trapped," said Sunila Bhise, social worker.
"I saw the girl crying. She said she cannot escape the man as he has underworld links. He boasted about the police case that he has against his name in Mumbai, and he said that he had served a sentence in a criminal case," said Bhise.
"We will register the case of rape under IPC 376 (rape) and Protection Of Children From Sexual Offences Act. We have arrested the accused and are investigating further," said a senior Nalasopara police official.
This is not the first time that the Nalasopara police has failed to react sensitively to crime against women. The lack of female officers to take the statements of minor rape survivors-- a must, according to the new Protection of Children From Sexual Offences Act-- is being neglected. After the NGO intervened in this case, the Nalasopara police brought in a female assistant inspector from Valiv police station. Burking of cases has been a regular affair in the police station. Moreover, the instances of insensitive remarks by the police have left several rape survivors humiliated.

Nalasopara police humiliate rape victim, delay filing FIR Tuesday, 2 December 2014 

Palghar: Two minor girls have been allegedly raped in two separate incidents, police said on Tuesday.
The youth, who lived in the same neighbourhood, raped the minor yesterday when she visited his house. Earlier, on November 3, he had committed the same offence when the girl was alone at her residence, Patil said.
The victim's parents came to know about the incident yesterday only following which they lodged the complaint and an FIR was registered, police added.
No arrest has been made so far.
The accused has been charged under IPC sections 376 (rape), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 504 (punishment for criminal intimidation) and other relevant sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.
In another incident in same Nalla Sopara locality, a 45-year-old man in Tulinj area was booked for allegedly raping a minor girl on several occasions for the past five months, Nalla Sopara police station API Vitthal Benduta said.
According to the complaint filed by the victim yesterday, the man repeatedly raped her since July. The accused was detained by police yesterday and is being interrogated, but no arrest has been made so far.

A man was arrested on Monday for raping a 90-year-old woman in Gorakhpur locality of Jabalpur.
Rajkumar (52) raped the woman on Sunday night when she was alone in her shanty. The accused was allegedly in an inebriated state when he committed the crime. The man resides in a shanty close to the one in which the woman lives. The woman and her daughter stay alone and her daughter is a labourer.
The victim is undergoing treatment at a government hospital.
The woman's daughter learnt about the incident from her mother. Later, a complaint was lodged with the police.
Gorakhpur town inspector HR Pandey said the accused has been arrested on charge of raping the woman.
A saint, who was the custodian of a nine-year old orphan girl, has been sentenced to life imprisonment till death by a local court here for raping the minor.
Special Judge Una, CL Kochhar convicted Prem Bahadur (34) resident from Jhulaghat of Bhageshwar district in Uttrakhand for raping the nine-year-old orphan in Haroli tehsil of Una district of Himachal Pradesh, for about four years under relevant sections of POCSO Act, IPC and also imposed penalty of Rs 15,000, district attorney N C Ghai said.
The victim, who is also a resident of Uttrakhand, was left with the accused by her stepfather after she was orphaned and was staying in a hut located at an isolated place in Una.
The matter came to light in April this year when the victim, a student of class IV in a local government school, reported the matter to her school teachers after she was allegedly thrashed and raped, and her clothes were torn by the accused the previous night.
"Subsequently, teachers reported the matter to the police and the accused was apprehended," the district attorney said.
Medical examination of the victim and the accused confirmed rape.
"Giving due consideration to the plea that the accused was the guardian of the victim, the special court sentenced him to life imprisonment till death-the maximum sentence to be awarded in such rape case-with a penalty of Rs 15,000" he added.  

Custodian saint get life term till death for raping minor in HP December 2, 2014

A young woman has accused her husband and two of his friends of abducting and gang-raping her in a moving car and then dumping her in an unconscious state in east Delhi last evening.
Police have registered an FIR in this regard following the victim's complaint and a manhunt has been launched for the trio who are the run. The victim, who claims to be 22 years old while her marriage certificate puts her age to be 26, had a love marriage with her husband around a year ago.
The woman in her statement has told police that her husband and two of her friends had abducted her in a car last evening when she was returning after shopping from a mall in Anand Vihar.
"The trio took turns to rape her in a moving car and even inserted candles in her private part. Her husband taunted her during the act saying that she was being punished for entangling him and his family in legal tangles," said a police official quoting the victim's complaint.
They then dumped her at an isolated spot and fled. The woman after regaining consciousness contacted her family members who then took her to Anand Vihar police station.
She was sent for a medical examination and treatment at Dr Hedgewar Hospital and an FIR has been registered.
"The woman had also filed a case against her husband and his family in Ghaziabad's Vijay Vihar area in March this year accusing them of kidnapping and attempt to murder," the officer said, adding that further investigations are underway.

Delhi: Woman accuses husband, friends of gang-raping her in car Tuesday, 2 December 2014

As the outrage over the spate of sexual crimes against women and children continues to grow, Bengalureans have decided to take matters into their own hands and rid the city of its dubious new moniker, the Rape Capital. 
Na Boli’, an initiative by Bengaluru-based martial arts trainer Ashwin Mohan, is a series of 50 short films aimed at combating the growing rape culture. There are three main aspects to this, saying ‘No’ clearly, being able to physically defend one’s decision and, of course, accepting rejection. Mohan has tied up with 100 NGOs and hopes to reach out to over 12 lakh people in 2015 alone. 
One video will be released every week on Youtube, starting from January. Mohan hopes to reach out to every section of society – from the educated urbanite to the urban poor and the rural sector. “We have done this by keeping all the videos without dialogues. The language restricts the target audience and there are many people out there who are not literate,” he explained. The NGOs he is working with will help take his work to the grassroots levels. 
For Mohan, it all began when he was asked to work with a group of Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu. “I've been working in this field for 12 years and it's time, really, to find a permanent solution.” When he went to the refugee camp in 2007, he conducted workshops with the women, most of whom were dealing with physically abusive husbands. “I taught them self-defence techniques and how to say no. It worked so well that these women got together and separated their finances from those of their husbands. They even taught their daughters that education is more important than marriage. If it can work on a community of two lakh people, it can work with the whole country,” he said. 
Mohan is moving to Mumbai to work on the videos, which he hopes will be done by June. “We’re going to release them one by one, so that the collaborating NGOs will have something to work with.” The initiative is being spurred on by the fact that Bengaluru has been getting a lot of flak from across the world as well. “I have foreign students coming to me for lessons and the first question they ask is whether India is safe for women.” 
In India, both boys and girls need to understand the concept of saying ‘no’, he explained. “We’re totally motivated by our film industry, because parents refuse to discuss relationships with their children. Boys think that life is a like a movie. When a girl says no, they need to continue to stalk her and badger her and eventually, she will fall in love with him. Girls aren’t really decisive enough with their responses, either. That said, how you get treated should be something that you can design.”
Clinical psychologist Meghana Vijayanand said the balance of power is slowly shifting in what has always been a deeply patriarchal society. “We grow up seeing our female family members giving in to their male counterparts, it seems as if women are meant to be subjugated and men take the decisions.” Men, she said, are unable to adjust to this shift, having come from a world where “the opinions of women are simply not taken into account”.

Na Boli - She said NO

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