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lunedì 22 dicembre 2014

India, 2 cops accused of rape

GOVERDHAN: A city resident has accused two cops of raping her at a local dharamshala. She lodged a complaint on Friday evening with the SSP after Goverdhan police refused to register a case. 

SSP Manzil Saini has asked the circle officer to investigate the matter and register a report. The police are yet to file an FIR in the case 

The woman has alleged that two cops were making advances towards her while she was performing the Goverdhan parikrama on December 16. She reportedly complained to a home guard nearby who promised to get the men arrested. 

The woman said that she was asked to call the two men to a dharamshala, where she was also asked to stay. The policemen reportedly came to the place and raped the woman while her husband was made to wait at the bus stop. 

2 cops accused of rape 

Brij Khandelwal, TNN | Dec 20, 2014

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