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martedì 23 dicembre 2014

India, 17-month-old raped by Std X student

Two very young girls, one a 17-month old infant and another six-year-old, were raped in two separate incidents sure to shock the conscience of city. Even more chillingly, the accused in the rape of 17-month-old is 14-year-old Standard X student. 

The crime took place in Gade layout in Rajiv Nagar under MIDC police station. The six-year-old was raped by a neighbour at Jaripatka. City has already witnessed two gang rape cases, including one on a 55-year-old woman, in the last few days.

In the first case, infant Sarika (name changed) was exploited by son of the family's landlord. She had to be rushed from one hospital to another by hapless parents with while profusely bleeding from private parts. Sarika's family already were to vacate the room on December 24.

In the other case, six-year-old Savita (also name changed) was sexually abused by a neighbour whom her parents trusted to look after the girl when they would go out for work. Vinod Dongre was caught in the act by a woman in the neighbourhood who raised an alarm. Dongre was beaten up by a crowd before being brought to police station. It is learnt Dongre had forced himself upon the girl on an earlier occasion too but she did not reveal the incident.

Police said the girl's parents, both labourers, would leave the her in Dongre's care when they went for work. He went to her place on the pretext of having meals. An offence against him has been registered at Jaripatka police station.

In the earlier case, police were startled in the late hours of Saturday on being informed about the incident by the police booth of Government Medical College and Hospital where the toddler was brought for treatment. MIDC police acted swiftly and rounded up the juvenile accused Suman (name changed). He has been slapped with an offence of rape and also charges under relevant sections of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012.

Sarika, the first child of her parents, was sleeping alone in her second floor room and Suman was flying kite on their terrace. It is learnt Suman's mother wanted to chat with Sarika's mother and so had summoned her. The two women talked near a grocery shop close to their place when the offence was committed. Sarika's mother is learnt to have gone up to her room to check whether the infant was still sleeping. She was left aghast to see the toddler's face covered by sweater she was wearing and blood on the bedsheet near her. The girl was almost unconscious and remained still as blood oozed from her private parts. Sarika's stunned mother immediately alerted her husband who is a labour contractor in MIDC.

Sarika's parents had moved to city from Bihar looking for livelihood three years ago. The girl was born in Nagpur. Suman's family, from Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, owns a catering service in MIDC. A neighbour said Suman's was raised as pampered child and was also allowed to drive a car. Sarika's father, after rushing back home, started quizzing Suman regarding the injuries on the girl but he evaded the queries. The families had light altercation too. Suman's family initially helped Sarika's parents take the girl to a nearby nursing home that refused to admit her. She was later taken to Lata Mangeshkar hospital where the doctors advised the parents to take her to GMCH.

Sarika's father stated the culprit should be dealt with exemplary punishment sending a strong message to the society against such a heinous incident. "It has happened with my daughter but no one else's should fall prey to such lust," he said.

17-month-old raped by Std X student 

Soumittra S Bose | Dec 22, 2014

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