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martedì 6 agosto 2013

13000 women raped in Indian State of Assam in 8 years

At least 13000 women have been raped in conflict-hit Indian State of Assam in past eight years.

New Delhi, Aug 1/Nationalturk – In a shocking revelation, it has been stated that about 13000 women have been raped in conflict-hit Indian State of Assam in past eight years.
12857 women were raped in Assam between 2005 and May 2013. Of these, 59 victims were killed after rape,” media reports quoted officials of Assam’s Home Department as disclosing.
Stating that 12216 people were arrested for their involvement in sexual offences against women, they said the reasons attributed for increase in crimes against women included increase in population, social and family tension, gender discrimination, poverty, lack of job opportunity and insufficient manpower in the law enforcement agencies.

‘1069 dowry deaths also reported in State’

The officials said women were not only raped but were also tortured for dowry. “At least 1069 dowry deaths of women have been reported in the state during past eight years”.
They said 1,671 persons were arrested for cases related to dowry torture and deaths.
Officials further said thousands of women have been abducted in the conflict-hit Sate in last few years, “Police have registered at least 19902 cases of women abduction. About 9032 people were arrested on abduction charge and 113 of them jailed for the crime”.
Assam is India’s North Eastern state and the State has been facing turmoil since over four decades. Some militants are fighting for secessionism from India and others from homeland. The conflict in the State started in 1970s.

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