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giovedì 17 gennaio 2013

Another Woman in India Gangraped on a Bus by 7 Men

After the horrific gangrape and murder of a young woman on a bus in Delhi, in yet another similar case, a 29-year-old woman who had taken the bus to visit her parents’ village, was gang raped by the driver and his six other accomplices.  Full report here.
People are calling this a copy-cat crime! But is it?
From the accounts of the  delhi gang rape victim, as well as her male friend who survived the brutal battering he got, it is clear that the seven men (including the driver) had pre-planned this crime.
It is very possible that this has happened many times, but has not been reported before. 
Could it just be that after the national outrage against the Delhi Gang Rape, more women have found the courage to come forward? We hope so!
Rape is hugely under-reported in India, because of the illogical stigma of ‘shame’ attached to it.  More so, when women do pick up the courage to try to file a complaint, they are further harassed by the police, sometimes raped by the police, or else their complaints are never filed, the rapists never booked! Read this case of a woman in the city of Kolkata who in 2012 tried to file a police report when she was gang raped, on how the police, the Chief Minister (a woman) and the government treated her.

Another Woman in India Gangraped on a Bus by 7 Men JANUARY 14, 2013

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