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venerdì 13 aprile 2012

Operation Corral

Massachusetts State Police, in a statewide sweep dubbed "Operation Corral," have arrested 32 people on charges of child pornography possession and distribution.
Law enforcement officials released the list of arrested suspects on Tuesday afternoon. Suspects on the list range in age from 17 to 62 years.
Police executed a total of 56 search warrants throughout the state during the sting, which took place from April 2 to 6. Fourteen other investigations are still going on, and 45 other new cases have come up as a result of the arrests, Col. Marian McGovern, commander of the State Police, said in a statement.
Twenty-one law enforcement agencies helped develop the evidence for the investigation, focusing on individuals with connections to peer-to-peer sites used by child pornographers to share images, The Boston Globe reported.
The Massachusetts Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force then compiled those investigative leads for the sweep, which was carried out by both local and state police departments.
“The collaboration during this operation shows the joint commitment all of these agencies have to protecting children fro aggressively enforce our child pornography laws," Attorney General Martha Coakley saidm exploitation, and we will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to about the sweep. 
Arrests were made in East Boston, Stockbridge, New Bedford, Harwich, and Oak Bluffs, among other areas.

32 arrested in Massachusetts on child pornography charges after statewide sweep April 10, 2012

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