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giovedì 2 febbraio 2012

Massive child-pornography investigation

An extensive investigation involving a number of police forces has left 60 people facing over 200 child-pornography charges.
The investigation, led by the Provincial Strategy to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation on the Internet, resulted in 76 search warrants being executed and 60 people, including three young offenders, being arrested on 213 charges.
Details of the investigation and raids were announced on Thursday (Feb. 2) morning at a media conference conducted by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Acting Commissioner Scott Tod along with members of the Provincial Strategy's police partners and other participating law enforcement agencies instrumental in the investigation. The announcement indicated that 22 victims were identified during the investigation.
Charges laid include sexual assault, child luring, possession of child pornography, making available child pornography, distribution of child pornography, making child pornography, and accessing child pornography. Quantities of drugs and weapons were also seized during the operations.
"Child pornography is the sexual abuse of children," said Tod. “Every image of child pornography represents a child victim. Every trading or transmission of that image represents a re-victimization of that child. Every child has the right to be nurtured and the right to be safe.”
Additional arrests are pending and additional victims will likely be identified as the investigation continues. The people arrested come from all over south and central Ontario.
Members of the OPP Child Sexual Exploitation Unit took the opportunity to encourage parents and guardians to pro-actively increase their awareness of safety issues, especially on the Internet.
"Turning the spotlight on child sexual exploitation on the Internet - helps us help children, teens, and parents educate themselves to ensure their Internet experience - through games or social networking sites - can be as rewarding as they want it to be…and as safe as it needs to be,” said Inspector Scott Naylor, Manager, OPP Child Sexual Exploitation Unit. “Because every child matters…everywhere."
The Provincial Strategy partners and OPP Child Sexual Exploitation Unit have completed 16,131 investigations since August 2006 and have laid 5,837 charges against 1,867 people.

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