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lunedì 2 gennaio 2012

The Commodified Woman

A Poem About the Incessant Commodification of Women in Capitalist Society

The Commodified Woman
You must walk a certain way
They say
You must talk a certain way
They preach
The perfect woman
The one who is admired
The one who is comfortable inside the package
The one who is clean and mean and a perpetual ad machine
Stuff your body will plastic
To become like the credit card in your pocket
Stuff your mind with commercial rhetoric
To become like the billboard ads around you
The mind is stunted
The growth is blunted
Everything is sickened
The perfect woman
The perfect package
The stage is on
The lipstick is done
Everything is prepared
To meet the face
That has never been met before
A society broken by its incessant desire for desire
The perfect woman
The perfect product
The perfect sales pitch
The perfect murder
Of an entire generation’s self-esteem
Unless you are the perfect woman
Unless you are living inside the prepackaged ideals
Then no one will look at you
I don’t want anyone to look at me

By The Activists Poetry Collective

The Commodified Woman: A Poem About the Incessant Commodification of Women in Capitalist Society January 1, 2012

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