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mercoledì 9 novembre 2011

Agenzia di escort offre ragazza vergine

The Australian media are hitting the buttons about a 19 year old Chinese woman whose virginity is for sale for $15,000. A $2000 deposit is required… yes, really, and don’t start doing valuations.
Normally, I wouldn’t do anything to publicize a stunt like this, but it's already a local headline and there are some issues that have to be considered here, including the coverage and public response.
Let’s get this straight, first-
1. Anyone could put an ad like this anywhere online or elsewhere. It’s been done many times before in those O So Funny escapades by various people trying to get publicity.
2. There are grey areas the size of the Pacific about what’s OK or not OK in this particular field.
3. The escort agency probably does have the legal right under its license to advertise its services. If so, the woman is operating under its auspices, and this therefore isn’t a form of illegal prostitution.
The story, according to the Daily Telegraph:
An investigation by sex industry consulting firm Brothel Busters has found MyOutCall Australia is offering the Chinese 19-year old student for four days in exchange for the $15,000 sum.
Brothel Busters has found the escort agency wants $2000 to be paid as a deposit, with the balance to be paid on receipt of services from the girl, who is claimed to be at Sydney University.
Contacted by the Daily Telegraph yesterday, a manager at MyOutCall identifying himself as "Duncan" said it was a "genuine offer".
The story gets even less classy:
Duncan also told The Daily Telegraph the $15,000 would give the client "four days" with the girl.
The outrage, naturally, is also making headlines, along with the not entirely unpredictable “There’s nothing we can do about it” and “Isn’t it awful” commentary and complaints about the state of morality in Australia.
The noise is deafening, but also dazzling is the lack of attention to a few issues. The rights of the person involved are very much in question. It’s also quite unclear exactly how she got into this situation:
1. Is she at any kind of risk? If so, who's liable? There could be a civil case the size of Queensland, if so.
2. What if, during 4 days, there’s some sort of incident where anyone gets hurt?

3. Who’s liable if this deal falls through and doesn't happen, the agency or the woman?
4. What if she decides not to continue with the arrangement?
5. Have there been any breaches of the woman’s right to privacy under Australian privacy laws?
There’s another very unfunny range of possibilities here, too, and they’re all about money-
Chinese migrants sometimes find themselves in difficult situations related to money for various reasons. I’m not about to go into any possible immigration/work visa/student visa issues here, (does this deal count as paid work?) but it’s well known that some migrants and students are obliged to pay back very unfunny loans to very unfunny people, and those loans can be expensive. Not paying them can also be dangerous.
As a student, she may well have some problems with our ultra-ungenerous tertiary institutional fees. That’s not uncommon, either, nor is it funny, particularly if it involves let’s say drastic remedial actions to pay them. $15,000, by the way, would pay for only so many units in an Australian degree course.
Meanwhile the moral part of the community is in a swoon over the ad, not the issues surrounding the ad or the problems which have put her in this situation.
It’s quite possible that this woman has been put in this position without any sort of local guidance or support. There are other ways of raising $15,000, after all. Not least of these is that Sydney University, like all other Australian universities, does have a fees assistance service.
Does anyone else remember when there was such a thing as reading the news when other people's genitalia weren't 50% of the news? I do. I'd like to see that again, sometime.

Australian escort agency offers girl's virginity- For $15,000 NOV 9, 2011

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