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venerdì 9 settembre 2011

Stupra il figlio di 10 mesi e manda il video al suo ragazzo

Maybe 24-year-old mom Ashley Jessup's a pervert who wanted to demonstrate her sense of sexual adventure to her new boyfriend. Or maybe it's the boyfriend who's depraved, and Jessup was willing to go to doucherific lengths to maintain his love...

Whatever the case, police say Jessup decided to videotape herself raping her 10-month-old son at their home in Dublin, Ohio. Then she sent the tape to her boyfriend in Battle Creek, Michigan, for some reason believing that he'd enjoy the incestual cimema.

But their problems began when the man's ex-girlfriend somehow discovered the tape just a day after it was sent on August 30. So the woman called the cops.

Police in Battle Creek raided the man's home. Though they're still investigating the boyfriend on their end, police in Dublin moved quickly. They lit up Jessup on felony counts of rape, endangering children and pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor.

The crime was so horrific that it even moved the normally jaded crowd in a Columbus courtroom. When a judge ordered Jessup's bail set at $1 million, bystanders promptly burst out in applause.

Police in Battle Creek aren't saying whether the boyfriend will be charged. But the father of the baby, Johnathon Vasquez, is already in court hoping to take custody of the boy.

Ashley Jessup Raped 10-Month-Old Son & Sent Videotape to Her Boyfriend 

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