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giovedì 2 giugno 2011

Mamma di Pasadena arrestata per lo stupro di un dodicenne

Police have arrested a 30-year-old Pasadena woman charged in the rape of her son's 12-year-old friend.
Brandi Fuller was taken into custody Wednesday and remains at the Galveston County jail, Pasadena police said this morning. She is being held on a $35,000 bail.
Officials said the victim's mother arrived at the Pasadena Police Department May 10, saying she believed her son, now 14, fathered a child with Fuller.
The boy's mother said she had been friends with Fuller for three years.
The mother also said that the relationship between Fuller and her son started after he went with his sister to baby-sit at Fuller's trailer home in Pasadena, police said.
The victim said he and Fuller had sexual intercourse on 10 or more occasions at her trailer in 2009, according to court records.
Pasadena police said Fuller first sexually assaulted the boy around Oct. 1, 2009, when he spent the night at the woman's home.
The boy also told police they had sex when Fuller moved to an apartment in Pasadena.
Fuller told police she only had sex with the victim once in October 2009 in her trailer and that was because he forced himself on her.
Fuller said the boy "woke her up by rubbing on her," according to court records.
Then, because she "didn't want to make a big scene" in front of her son who slept on the floor, they had sex, records say.

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