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giovedì 7 aprile 2011

China Goes Wild for World's First 3D Porn Film

Chinese audiences are reportedly flocking to Taiwan and Hong Kong to watch what is being called the world's first 3D porn film (give or take a few experiments in the 70s).

Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy is based on the classic erotic Chinese text The Carnal Prayer Mat and follows the story of a young man who is sexually awakened after making friends with a saucy Duke (isn't it always the way?).

Because of its sexual content, the film - which is released next week - is unlikely to be passed without severe cuts in mainland China hence the migration of sweaty palmed, trench coat wearing film fans to locations with less stringent censorship laws.

Stephen Shiu, the writer and director hopes that the "extremely graphic sex scenes" will "leave audiences feeling like they are sitting right there at the edge of the bed."

The extra 3D element has upped the ante for Shiu who admits that the extra cost of the ticket means the filmmakers have a responsibility to provide a quality product for the discerning audience members: "Somehow when you're doing a 3D movie you always want to make an impressive image because the viewers... are going to buy tickets with double or even triple the ticket price to get into a world they've never seen before. It's not just erotica, they want some 'wow factor'!"

No word yet on a UK release, of course you can make the trip to Hong Kong or Tawian yourself, rent the recent 3D Lover's Guide or just wait patiently for the inevitable glut of third dimensional sex films coming this way. Pun kind of intended.

China Goes Wild for World's First 3D Porn Film April 7, 2011

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